Causes or Cures

Antibody-Dependent Enhancement, Vaccine Development & COVID-19, with Vaccinologist Dr. Robert Malone

February 25, 2021 Dr. Eeks/ Dr. Robert Malone Episode 61
Causes or Cures
Antibody-Dependent Enhancement, Vaccine Development & COVID-19, with Vaccinologist Dr. Robert Malone
Show Notes

There are several viral videos with millions of views referencing something called Antibody-Dependent Enhancement as a potential effect of COVID-19 vaccines or vaccines in general. Some make very bold claims and it's difficult to sort fact from fiction from hyperbole in these videos. On today's episode of Causes or Cures, Dr. Eeks will chat with Dr. Robert Malone about Antibody-Dependent Enhancement and how it relates to vaccine development. He will describe it in an easy-to-understand way, discuss the specifics of vaccine development, antibodies, COVID-19 and his thoughts on herd immunity and the future of the pandemic.

Dr. Malone is a physician, vaccinologist, scientist and internationally recognized as one of the original inventors of  DNA and mRNA Vaccination technology. He has done extensive research and clinical development in the areas of clinical trial design and vaccines, gene therapy, biodefense and immunology.  In 2014, he built and led the initial team, under NewLink Genetics, that took the Canadian rVSVZEBOV-G Ebola vaccine from an abandoned vaccine candidate to a viable contender and eventually a successful vaccine for Ebola. He has worked with numerous high-level government and private organizations and has been involved in the design, development and oversight of over 40 Phase 1 Clinical trials, 20 Phase 2 clinical trials and 5 Phase 3 trials. His infectious disease pathogen advanced development oversight include HIV, Influenza, Plague, Anthrax, Tularemia, Tb, Ebola, Zika, Ricin toxin, Botulinum toxin and engineered pathogens. He has over 100 peer-reviewed papers, over 11 thousand citations and has sat on or served as chairperson on many NIAID and DoD study sections. You can learn more about his consulting firm and background here.

Please keep in mind that this podcast is information only and never to be taken as medical or health advice.

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