The Eat for Endurance Podcast

Athlete Nutrition Profile - Endurance Athlete and Coach Travis Macy

August 26, 2019 Claire Shorenstein, MS RD CDN with Travis Macy Season 1 Episode 4
The Eat for Endurance Podcast
Athlete Nutrition Profile - Endurance Athlete and Coach Travis Macy
The Eat for Endurance Podcast
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Show Notes

Today’s episode of the Eat for Endurance Podcast continues my Athlete Nutrition Profile Series with speaker, author, coach, and endurance athlete, Travis Macy. You name the sport, he's probably done it – and maybe even all in a single event! You will finish this episode feeling inspired to seek out your own next big adventure in life and/or in sport, even if you are not an ultra-athlete yourself.

A little more background on Travis - he has finished over 120 ultra endurance events in 17 countries, including setting a record in 2013 for Leadman (an epic endurance event consisting of a trail running marathon, 50-mile mountain bike race, Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race, 10k road run, and Leadville 100 Run), all while raising two young children with his wife in Evergreen, Colorado. He is a former classroom teacher with a Master’s degree in Education, runs a college consulting business with his wife, coaches private clients to finish a variety of endurance events, and wrote the awesome book The Ultra Mindset: An Endurance Champion’s 8 Core Principles for Success in Business, Sports, and Life. I read it back in 2015, after Travis and I met at an Endurance conference, and thoroughly appreciated the important and practical advice that he has gleaned from his years of professional racing and how it applies to other areas of life. I particularly enjoyed our exploration of how his principles can be applied to one’s nutrition!

Next week, Travis is setting off on his next big racing adventure – Eco Challenge Fiji – which is “the ultimate expedition race in which international teams of athletes will race non-stop, 24 hours a day, across hundreds of miles of rugged backcountry terrain complete with mountains, jungles and oceans.” The Challenge will air on Amazon Prime in 2020 – so stay tuned if you'd like to watch! We wish you and your teammates the best of luck, Travis!

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