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Athlete Nutrition Profile - Cross-Country Skier and Olympic Gold Medalist, Jessie Diggins

February 05, 2021 Claire Shorenstein, MS RD CDN with Jessie Diggins Season 3 Episode 37
The Eat for Endurance Podcast
Athlete Nutrition Profile - Cross-Country Skier and Olympic Gold Medalist, Jessie Diggins
Show Notes

“Healthy, happy and balanced athletes are the ones that make it across the finish line again and again throughout a long career and leave a legacy” - Jessie Diggins

Welcome to Episode 37 of the Eat for Endurance Podcast, featuring cross-country skier and Olympic gold medalist, Jessie Diggins.

You may remember seeing Jessie at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, where she became the first American, along with her teammate Kikkan Randall, to win a gold medal in cross-country skiing after a nail-biting race to the finish at the women’s team sprint event. (If you haven’t watched this, please stop what you’re doing right now and go check it out for some MAJOR inspiration!) 

Perhaps you’ve also been following along her journey as an advocate for eating disorder care and recovery, which started after she opened up about her struggles with bulimia as a teenager. She sought help through the Emily Program, which she credits as literally saving her life and allowing her to become the incredible athlete she is today. She also addresses her many struggles and triumphs in her recently published book, Brave Enough.  

Or, if you happen to be a cross-country skiing fan, you may have seen that she won the Tour de Ski (the ski equivalent of the Tour de France) last month - reaching one of her major career goals while setting history once again as the first American to ever win. 

And if somehow you have never heard of Jessie Diggins, then I am SO thrilled to introduce her to you. She is not only an amazing athlete dominating her sport for many years now, but also a great role model for other young athletes and such a fun, positive, and down-to-earth person. She truly brings sparkle to the athletic world, between the glitter on her face, her energetic personality, and all the medals she has won (and she has won a lot - Jessie holds the most World Cup podium finishes for any American male or female in cross country skiing).

Jessie, thank you again for spending time chatting with me! It was such an honor having you on the show, and I’m so grateful that you are using your platform to demonstrate to the athletic world that eating adequately and enjoying food rather than restricting and obsessing about weight is key to athletic success, overall health, and happiness.  

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