The Eat for Endurance Podcast

Ask Me Anything #3 (plus a personal announcement!)

March 16, 2021 Claire Shorenstein, MS RD CDN Season 3 Episode 38
The Eat for Endurance Podcast
Ask Me Anything #3 (plus a personal announcement!)
Show Notes

Hey guys! I’m excited to bring to you my third (and very overdue) Ask Me Anything episode! I just realized that the last time I did one of these was when Isla was 7 weeks old…and she’s now 17 months old. Yikes! Better late than never though, and I thank you for all the great questions you submitted. 

As usual with these Ask Me Anything episodes, it’s completely unedited, recorded in one-go and off-the-cuff - so please forgive my rambling. :) 

ALSO, I kick off the episode with a personal announcement (I’ll give you a big hint - I’m moving in TWO weeks!). Have a listen to get all the juicy details. 

Here are some of the questions that I answer in this episode:

  • How often should I recalibrate my sports nutrition plan?
  • I’m training for my first 50k trail run. What are good examples of pre and post run foods?
  • What is the best breakfast before a long run? 
  • I’ve been diagnosed with osteopenia as a 30 year old runner, found from abnormal bloodwork. General tips? (FYI - my next podcast episode goes into way more detail on this!)
  • What are easy healthy recipes I can make in the crock pot / ninja pressure cooker for meal prep? (I only own an Instant Pot, but I try to help out as much as I can!)
  • How does an active person determine the amount of protein they actually need?
  • As a vegan, what should I be careful of?
  • What is your perspective on cheat meals / days? (Hint - I don’t recommend them)

Thanks again for your questions! And remember, the best nutrition advice is individualized, so don't hesitate to reach out to me (or another) RD if you need more assistance! And please keep sending me questions, whenever they pop up, and I’ll be sure to add them to my next episode (which hopefully won’t take me over a year to do).

Other Announcements:

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  • Disclaimer – all information provided is for educational and entertainment purposes only and is in no way meant to replace individual medical and nutrition recommendations
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