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The Nutrition Translator Podcast

Colleen Kuhn

Colleen Kuhn is a Registered Dietitian and Plant Based Health Coach. Her mission is to help people heal on an emotional level, connect to themselves and others and self actualize through plant-based nutrition. The Nutrition Translator Podcast about translating what it means to have a nutritious life. Because it is more than just food. It means nourishing all aspects of our health including emotional and spiritual. This podcast isn’t just for plant eaters, but for anyone who wants to learn more about how to have a balanced life and better health. Each week she will either be having unique guest interviews discussing topics on neuroscience, yoga, psychology, relationships, sex, plant medicine and plant based nutrition or having shows with her working directly with a caller as she guides them through an obstacle they may be facing with their health or be doing vulnerable solo shows discussing her own personal health journey. This mind/body podcast will provide you with functional and spiritual guidance as well as concrete actions you can apply to your own health and life.

Recent Episodes

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