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Ingenuity Masters Series: Melissa Seburg, TKDA

February 09, 2020 Ingenuity Marketing Group
INGenius Podcast
Ingenuity Masters Series: Melissa Seburg, TKDA
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In this episode of the Ingenuity Masters Series, we are joined by Melissa Seburg, Senior Marketing Coordinator at TKDA, an employee-owned provider of engineering, architecture, and planning services headquartered in St. Paul, MN. Melissa is an active member with SMPS-MN and is also the incoming president. Interviewed by Dawn Wagenaar, Melissa shares her insights on marketing trends in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, the benefits of membership in industry associations and why a network is so important to career success. 

What trend is shaping AEC marketing?
Tips to keep your eye on the marketing big picture
Why a resource like SMPS matters for marketers
Melissa's favorite benefit from SMPS
Discussing ideas with other AEC marketers
Getting firm leadership support to attend networking events
Who marketers can turn to for ideas and support
Melissa's must have item in the fridge
Advice to your future self