The CHAARG Podcast

#48] Elisabeth + Sarah: 20 Self-Care Tips

January 01, 2019 CHAARG
The CHAARG Podcast
#48] Elisabeth + Sarah: 20 Self-Care Tips
Show Notes

Self-care is so important to us at CHAARG -- this is why we wanted to dedicated the first episode of 2019 on how to incorporate more self-care [self-love!] into your life. Elisabeth [@etavierne] + Sarah [@sarahkclem] share twenty of their favorite self-care tools... from baths to masks to random acts of kindness to meditation. Make sure that you join us for CHAARG's first Body Positivity Challenge this February where we will dive deeper into self-care together -- find all the deets here!

-- Body Positivity Challenge
-- 20 Ways To Give Yourself Some Sweet Self-Lovin'
-- Ambassador Recommendation Form
-- Aztec Healing Clay
-- Documentary To Walk: Stink!
-- Books To Read: A Return To Love, Reiki For Life, Book Of Awakening, Self-Compassion: The Proven Power Of Being Kind To Yourself
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