The CHAARG Podcast

#4] Starting The Conversation On Body Image

February 13, 2018 CHAARG
The CHAARG Podcast
#4] Starting The Conversation On Body Image
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In light of Valentine’s Day [+ the entire month of February], we wanted to record a podcast series on self-love. In this first episode, Elisabeth + Sarah are chatting about body image. Nearly every single girl struggles in some capacity with body image + we want to start the conversation with you about body image insecurities + comparison. Tune in to hear about our own insecurities, our experiences with body comparison, + how we combat negative body image thoughts. Afterwards, try the guided meditation that we linked in the notes to show your body appreciation + love!

Embrace Documentary
A Return To Love
Loving Body Scan Guided Meditation

spk_0:   0:20
Hello and welcome to the charge podcast. More day before when times happy almost Valentine Gallon Tynes Day. We celebrate Valentine's say the day before Valentine's

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Day, right? You're totally right. Yeah, So everyone should be celebrating Valentine's Day today. Yeah, so exciting.

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So in light of Valentine's Day and just the month of February, I feel like February is all about love. We wanted to do a series on self love. And so today we are focusing on body image. What I think of body image. I instantly think of a documentary embrace. I know Sarah has yet to watch it, but we

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should watch it today on

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Galan Dines Day. Yeah, one of my favorite quotes from Embrace is Every girl has a story about her body. It's whether she's willing to be honest about it. And I know this is a humongous assumption, but I truly feel like every single girl in the world struggles in some capacity with body image. I know I haven't. I still do, and really, the key is recognizing how you are talking to yourself and then allowing yourself to get out of that negative spiral. We both love Gabby Bernstein, so much. One of the things that she was talked about is that comeback rate, and so what it means is the fact that we always will fall no matter what. But it's about how fast we get back up. We'll talk a little bit more on that leader. But first I wanted to start off with both of us sharing our first memory or even any intense memories that have to do with body image.

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Yeah, I was reflecting on these, and I thought it was just so crazy how early some of these memories were for me. So when I was growing up, I had really big feet for my height. And I think something that's really common is our moms, maybe making like kind of harmless comments, but we take them a little bit more seriously, and so my mom would make kind of like she. I know she was joking, but she would say, Oh, that she would look a lot cuter in a size seven than the size nine or 10 and I, like, would try and laugh it off. And I know that's so silly. Like it's shoes. But before I knew I was cramming my feet into shoes that were one or two sizes too small because I agreed with her like it was a little cuter in a size seven. I look back on this and just remember how many blisters I had and how many painful, like memories. It was of running and walking and shoes that did not fit.

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Oh, my gosh. I don't think I've ever heard of people being self conscious of their feet. I mean, I definitely have big feet, but

spk_1:   3:08
but you're taller s. So I was, like, not as tall as I am. When I was having size nine feet, I had not grown into him. Yeah. How young were you? Did you say? I mean, I remember really hearing these comments when I was in seventh grade in getting fitted for cross country shoes. Because in running, you buy shoes that are bigger. You and you like, really are so I think, whose dramatic, tragic memories I remember my first

spk_0:   3:36
memory with body image. This is gonna sound crazy. And if anyone else had this experience, please tell me so I know that I'm not alone. But

spk_1:   3:44
I wanted a pimple. I wanted

spk_0:   3:47
a pimple second grade. I still remember this. We were on the bus and this really cute guy in second grade had a pimple on his nose.

spk_1:   3:55
Weet Yes. Second grade. He had a pimple. Yeah, maybe it was a cut. I thought it was a simple I don't

spk_0:   4:01
know, but I looked at his nose and I was like, That's so cute. I want a little red dot on my nose. Yeah, I know. Like, I don't think I've ever heard a story like that before, but I wanted pimple, and I also wanted a bump in my nose, and this is really hard to explain out of podcasts. But essentially, I wanted ah, bomb. Kind of like at the roof of my knows this girl who was really popular in second grade. I had a pretty large bump, and I thought it

spk_1:   4:28
looked so Q And I remember looking in the mirror every

spk_0:   4:31
single day because I have its tiny bumps sort off. Oh, I should post a picture on instagram story for you as a C. But I would look to see and measure my nose every day to see if the bum got larger. Yeah, I'm like, Oh, my gosh. Why? Oh, do you have anything that conduct that?

spk_1:   4:53
I don't know if it tops wanting a pimple. I did want braces when I was young. Pretty bad. Yeah, because fifth grade, I felt like all the popular girls had braces, and I did Not yet. But then life really serve me up some karma when I got them as a freshman in high school, and that was when I did not

spk_0:   5:13
want to have them. So yeah, it's so crazy how, like you said, they start so young. Um, I know that I never I would never say that I had any intense body issues until I had a little bit in high school on Lee during the summer because the guy I was dating was a lot skinnier than me. So I remember restricting what I ate a tiny bit, but nothing to the extent of I would say any sort of abuse. But freshman year of college was the first time that I had ever really weighed myself. We had a way in. I'm not sure how often whether it was once a week or every month, but I remember right after spring break, we wait ourselves. And I remember being over 1 50 I have always been I would say around 1 35 to 1 40 is kind of my happy wait. And so I remember seeing that number. And that was the first time that it kind of clicked. Oh, my gosh, I I felt like I shouldn't be that number. And I started dieting again. Not in a crazy way, But I was just way more conscious of my weight than I had ever been in the past. And so I think college really was the tie when I started noticing my body more, and also this again is a really silly thing that I wanted. But I usedto want bags under my eyes because I saw that other students had bags under her eyes and I thought it was a sign of working hard and staying up late studying. And so I remember just wanting that so badly. And now that's one of the things I feel like I am most self conscious off. Even though people might not notice that I have bags, I feel like I do. And so it is funding how you're saying with that you have karma? Yeah,

spk_1:   7:08
seriously, I think one of my more intense memories with body image was really in. It started in high school with when girls are starting to get their curves. Um, I am naturally, like a pretty lean person. Yeah, I do have a large boobs. Um, and I was on the cross country team and I was a runner. And I remember so vividly being told one day in practice that we should pray not to get boobs, because girls who get them are not good runners. And so I remember after that kind of forcing my boobs to be smaller by wearing these incredibly constructing sports bras and even wearing two sports bras to practice to, like, smash them down and just getting, like, so incredibly embarrassed whenever my friends in high school would make a comment about how large my boobs were compared to my body. Um, and I know like when we make these comments and when our coaches maybe say these things to us in high school like they of course mean no harm. But our minds will take this and just completely blow it up. Um, to the point where I was crying about getting these curves and developing into a woman. Um, rather than embracing the fact that yes, like I was growing up And also like looking at the big picture mean, like, I'm not gonna allow having larger boobs make me a worser on her, Um, which, Yeah, I think I'm always just like and so many people want, you know, large boobs. And I was just always like you can have. But now I'm trying to learn to embrace them. But in college, I think it always does just become that much worse. Right leg. We are then surrounded by ah, lot more people in a lot more women than maybe we were in high school. I know I was. And I think that was when I started getting ah, but finally and really kind of started obsessing over the cellulite that I have in the back of my legs specifically in my butt and like calling my mom crying because everyone, everyone I would see around me, like, didn't have that. And then, you know, I did. Even though I worked out, I ate right, um and I was like, focusing on doing everything I could to get this wrinkle free. But even though like still today, I'm like, Well, that's just what my body looks like. And it's crazy how In green, though, these obsessive thoughts d'oh

spk_0:   10:00
become like the point you made of it just escalating in college, especially because you lived in a sorority house, you're surrounded by women, and, you know, if one person has a negative thought, I'm sure it just kind of taps into all the other negative thoughts of other girls. And it heightens it rather than one person having a positive thought and kind of other people tapping into that, having positive thoughts. I wonder what's harder being in college or being in the fitness industry, because I definitely feel like the fitness industry. It's inevitable that you will, at one point judge and compare your body to other health and fitness leaders. Do you feel like you ever struggle with comparing your body to other leaders?

spk_1:   10:45
Yeah, and I think it's interesting because, you know, we've talked a little bit about this before, and we both compare our bodies in completely different ways, so I am naturally pretty, lean, like vodka. I you've hit a body type and it is harder for me to build muscles specifically in my arms on. So a lot of times I see these fitness professionals and leaders with, you know, not even just amazing muscles, but they also could do amazing things with them. They can bench more than just the bar. They can do pull ups, and I'll look at my like, very thin arms and just be like I, you know, sometimes struggle with £10 dumbbells like I can't really keep up and so kind of comparing myself with what they can do versus what I can do, even though you know I am working out. I am trying to build muscle, but it's kind of just a lot harder and really comparing myself with, like, not being at that level of being able to lift £15 dumbbells.

spk_0:   11:53
Yeah, I know for me, I have always been the one to do the charge social accounts on, and so I was always hyper aware of all of the other health and fitness accounts in just comparing myself to them. I went through a period when it was probably around two or three years where I didn't want to take any photos of myself because I was like, Oh my gosh, I am too big. Not pretty enough Like these girls. I don't want any photos of me on the charge, Paige, and it's so sad because I hardly have any photos from that time period and it's so silly, it's not true. So finally I got over that, which was really, really good. But I do remember when we moved in together, which How long goes that

spk_1:   12:39
Now 23 I think there's three

spk_0:   12:42
years ago. Yeah, I remember it was a summer time that we moved in together, and I was really self conscious being in a bikini with you because you have this very naturally thin frame while I have much more of an athletic build. And I remember thinking, Oh my gosh, Sarah has this natural fitness look that people want and thinking that people were judging me for not having abs like you or smaller arms. And it's so silly to think about that now because now that you know, we have lived together for three years and we deeply, deeply know each other, we know that we both struggle with different things. There's areas that I'm more confident in than you and vice versa. And instead of comparing each other, we both lift each other up. And so, of course, if I'm being honest with myself, I know that there will be times in the future that I'm sure I'll compare my bill to your build. But again, going back to the Gabby and Bernstein quote, it's about falling and then picking myself up right away and being like, you know what? I appreciate both of our bodies because they're both different and

spk_1:   13:51
unique. Exactly. And it just I think, like when I reflect back on that for summer together, too. I remember being self conscious because I would know, like how you would notice those things about me. I would notice you have no cellulite in the back of your legs, and I remember pointing this out to you and you like I don't even know what you're looking at right now and like being like you look, you know, awesome. And so really surrounding yourself with those people who do build you up and, you know, acknowledging, like everyone self conscious about different things to

spk_0:   14:27
absolutely Thankfully, I know my body image has shifted a lot, and I think that started about a year and 1/2 ago when I went on this incredible healing journey that I'm still on, and I will definitely do a podcast on that. But for now, just strictly talking about body image, there were three things that really helped me with my unloving and I say unloving because I don't think it was poor. But it definitely wasn't full of love. Help me with my unloving body image. And that was number one coming to the realization that charges a wellness community. It's not this fitness only community. I was putting just so much pressure on myself to embody this fitness model looking body when I realized I'm not a personal, ah, full time personal trainer or a model. And while of course that fitness model look might be a desirable, I am so much more interested in what, ah healthy mind, body and soul looks like. That's attainable for every college and post grad woman. And of course, that will look different for everyone. But I was able to let go of comparing myself to other fitness leaders because my goal for charge wasn't physical appearance, and I realized that people are not judging me for my body. Instead, they're looking to me to show them what it means to live an authentic life and had to have fun and fitness get back to our mission of having fun. And then the two other things that really helped me love my body was training for the marathon and practicing yoga almost daily. I started realizing that it's just so beautiful to see what my body conduce you, more so than what it looks like. And now I always put emphasis on how does my body feel today, something that is a little self love routine that I do that encouraged you guys to do at the end of every yoga class, right before Shiva's know when you squeeze yourself into a tiny ball position, I always imagined myself just giving myself a humongous hug, kissing my knees and saying, I love you right before we relax into Chivas on. That always is really a daily reminder of I need to love myself. I do love myself. I

spk_1:   16:39
love that. I really think our thoughts speaks so loudly to our bodies and even just thinking that once a day was send so many positive endorphins throughout your body. Because when do we ever

spk_0:   16:52
say that I'm never like I love you, Elizabeth? Ever.

spk_1:   16:55
No. Have you? Well, I've never really said Yeah, I love you, Sarah. I think one thing that I've really started to do within the last year just thio, you know, really embrace my body image. Um, and this is gonna sound really weird, but looking at myself in the mirror, Yes, I make it a point to spend at least a little bit of time every morning where I look at my eyes in the mirror and I don't want has come off is like narcissistic, but like admire myself like I have some dark spots on my face from, you know, son and whatever all of these things, But looking at those I used to be incredibly self conscious. I would call it my moustache prickles. But looking at them now and saying, like, you know, I love that part of me and just looking at it and touching my face like with tenderness and my entire body has really helped me with when I'm in the world and I'm not looking directly at me, but still feeling that light coming from me Because I've given it attention and that, you know, I've thought positive thoughts about it.

spk_0:   18:10
I love that. I actually wrote in my journal recently. I haven't done this yet, but I want Thio. You should do it with me. Maybe

spk_1:   18:17
not right next to each other. Many right next

spk_0:   18:19
to that Why not stand in front of the mirror completely naked? Yes. Say I love you toe every aspect of our body and feel it like feel your arm. I love our and just embrace it. Maybe that's when you know we're moisturizing our bodies.

spk_1:   18:34
So Tal time was something I had not heard of until probably a few months ago. And it's spending time after your shower just in your towel or naked or for me. I have a giant robe that just wraps me up and makes me feel so comfy and really taking time to nourish your body and look at it and feel it, Um, after your shower with before you put these clothes on it toe hide. You and I. Elizabeth knows I love spending time in my robe. I love my tile time and taking that time to just show your body love and that you're not ashamed of it. You know, in its naked state.

spk_0:   19:13
I love that Now I want to create charge towels and charred

spk_1:   19:17
Rover got charge. Charge style. I love that we're doing a charge

spk_0:   19:21
Robe. Well, there will always be negative self talk that runs to our head. And so let's talk a little bit about that comeback rate. And for me, I like to think about enforced steps, so step number one recognize it. The first up, of course, is to recognize it. Don't just push it away. It's so important to have awareness of this negative self talk that's going through our heads and asking yourself, Why did I say a hateful comment about my body? And so once you recognize it, step number to understand the why Why do I feel this way? Is it through scrolling through social media? Is it through because maybe I feel like I don't look the way that I used to? Is it because I'm in a harmful relationship and maybe that why is completely irrational doesn't make sense, but at least try and understand their boot of it. Once you do that, step number three is bounds back. Tell yourself that you are beautiful and that your body is unique because it is so true. And it's so important to believe that. And once you are able to bounce back, it's important for step number four for you to start taking these steps to confront the why. So let's say you're Why is because you've been scrolling through social media and you've been comparing yourself to others? I think about that and decide for yourself. You know, Does this mean that I need to delete my social media account for a little bit? Does it mean that I need to remove some of the people I've been following that kind of triggers this negative self talk? Confront that why? And once you are able to do this, I truly believe that this negative self talk will start to become fewer and far in between. And of course, yes, it will show up again, but you will be able to bounce back faster because you know the drill. You know what to do. Oh,

spk_1:   21:19
yes. And this is something I know. I ran into pretty recently, and I think every woman does whenever we're in the dressing room in any store. So I was in the dressing room and I was trying on a sport brought and this is probably sports bras and bikinis or to the hardest things for me to shop for, and I think for a lot of women to shop for But it was so cute. It had all the strap ees in the bag. And I love the strap. Um, but no size fit. My boobs are larger. My body is in a leaner, um, and so basically, these different sizes would just squish up my boobs and they would kind of come out every other part of the bra. Um, and immediately, I'm in this, you know, 360 degree mirror in the dressing room. And I just hear that voice in my head that is starting to shame me, um, and telling me I'll never look good in any of these beautiful bras and how other women are wearing them on instagram and looking. So Keogh, um and so I kind of recognized that I think for those of you who are maybe struggle with recognizing it like meditation has really helped me and recognizing these thoughts when they come. And, you know, I took a breath and kind of step back. Okay? I'm not going to engage. I'm not gonna get in the car with this thought. Took a breath, you know, took off the broad, put back on my normal clothes. And typically, I would be really embarrassed at this point that I couldn't that I didn't fit into the broad and the size that I had chosen. And I would just leave it in the dressing room, tell the store worker it wasn't You know what I was looking for. But this time I went to the worker and I was like acknowledging that this is not the style for my body type and asking them like, I really like this style, though, can you show me some bras that will fit and will offer that support and, you know, kind of explaining my dilemma of like, I really don't know what size I am in your store. And the worker was so kind like they were like, Yeah, you're totally right. This fries and coin toe like fit you very well and when things don't fit you very well. Like you don't feel good. Yeah. And so, um, it was just like one of those moments where it's like, why was I so embarrassed about asking the worker to help? Like, that's their job. And I'm sure any of you have worked in retail. I know I have. I loved when people would ask me for help, started so bored, So asking for help and just kind of looking at, like that was you know, to me, it was an irrational thing to be embarrassed off. And then after leaving the store just continuing to remind myself that I am so much more than what some strappy bra looks or feels on me and really focusing on a cow. Can I embrace this part of me? Like finding those styles that make me feel beautiful? Five asking, you know, the store workers. Okay, this is kind of what I'm insecure about it. Can you help me with finding something that will complement my body type?

spk_0:   24:24
I love the Are there any other ways that you're working towards loving your boobs? More sound so weird. But I know there's something that you always talk about being self conscious about?

spk_1:   24:35
Yeah, um, I think for so many years I've really tried to hide the fact that I've had boobs and some curves up there and out on my booty. But I love the booty. Um, but and I used to always say like, Oh, I'm gonna get, you know, a breast reduction. And I think that is a very serious surgery that some people really do need, especially if it's causing physical ailments. But my chest does not cause me these, like physical ailments. I don't have bad back pain. I, you know, can still physically be as active as I need to be and want to be so kind of, you know, asking myself at some point, I think last summer, like, why am I always wishing my boobs away when so many women compliment me and they're like, Oh, my gosh, like you have great boobs, which is a couple. I have some close friends, but I'm really working on this by investing in things that actually fit my type, my build and make me feel comfortable on Beautiful. I'm definitely a little bit more of a conservative dresser on my chest. I like to keep my chest covered. And so it's kind of taken me a long time to accept that I can't go to target and buy a suit or brought off the rack. Like I do have to spend more money to find that style that maybe isn't the most trendiest right now that's gonna make me feel beautiful and not being afraid to talk to the sales Pirtle about. Okay, you know what is going thio support by build. And you know what? Maybe I need to get a custom size me, like, who knows and really just embracing. I think something I've been talking with you about a little bit recently is my feminine energy. And this kind of hit me last night. I was like, my boobs are like the epitome of feminine energy for me, And I really want to tap into how much of that energy I have an embrace it of Like I love that I have so much femininity through my boobs. So I love the i e need a bumper sticker. Oh, my gosh.

spk_0:   26:50
Please, On your non existent

spk_1:   26:53
car. I know I don't have a wouldn't have you so cute. with the charge license plate, though. Yeah, I'm gonna get you in love

spk_0:   27:00
for me. I know that I am self conscious about my skin. Particularly, like I was mentioning the bags under my eyes, But just I feel like in the winter. It's so hard, because in the summer, you know, my skin is always so moisturize as little color. So it seems like it has this glow were in the in the winter in Chicago. It's so prone to dry skin, especially because I do a lot of hot yoga. And I remember actually asking one of my friends who is a yoga instructor. I was asking her about her. Skinner thinks I'm like you are yoga surgery, but you have beautiful, glowing skin and she said something so simple. All she said was, I treat my skin with love and every single night. How she takes care of it is just by using it as this me time to exfoliate and moisturize. She was like, If I see a pimple, I don't stress about it. I just sleep on it and it's usually gone the next morning. That's the most simple

spk_1:   28:01
thing in the world yet I feel like when I have a pimple, I attack it. And then I wake up tonight 10 more pimples next to it. Like, why don't I just start treating

spk_0:   28:11
my skin? Although I may put a little tea tree on it and just stop stressing about it, because I think that's a huge thing. Especially what skincare is the stress buildup. Mmm. It really like shows in your face. And so right now I am working on treating my skin with love. You guys, I'm sure I've seen that. I've been doing a lot of face masks again. I

spk_1:   28:32
don't know if these things

spk_0:   28:33
work, but it just makes me feel good. And I the placebo effect works. You know, it really does insanely and just getting enough sleep washing my face, because before, I didn't really do that and just showing compassion to my skin. But ultimately, you shouldn't just treat your skin with love. Really? Tree every single ounce of your being with love. And I truly believe that once we treat our bodies with love both our thoughts and our actions, our bodies start to radiate from the inside out. And you know, when you see someone with this glow about them, it truly is because they have such a shining inside that's radiating out from the outside. Yes, it's so beautiful, and there's just so much more that we can say on this subject I love thinking about, You know, the outsides of houses are so cool, but the treasures are found inside. That's kind of how I feel about the body. No, outside of bodies. Yes, of course, are cool. But what's inside our soul is so much more beautiful than anything that we could wear or what our body looks like. So, so much more. We can say on that subject. We will definitely do. UNEP isso dhe on our mind and soul, But I kind of wanted to touch on a few questions. We ask some of the charge ambassadors what self love questions that they had for us. And so I want to go through them. We have six. I know we're probably getting close to the hour, but let's go through these quickly and China answered his questions. So question number one. What is a book you recommend as helped you practice self love.

spk_1:   30:13
So we both have read a return to love by Marianne Williamson. And I think for me this book really kind of identified what self love is and that love isn't just between you and another human, but it is all around between you and relationships, you in situations,

spk_0:   30:32
everything. And it really comes down to it being a release from fear.

spk_1:   30:38
Yes, 100%. When you're feeling these hateful thoughts towards your body, ask yourself, what are you afraid off? And you know, maybe that's someone else judging you, et cetera, but really remembering that love is how you should refrain the thought.

spk_0:   30:55
Question Number two. How can you help a friend when you notice she or he has a negative body image and talks negative negatively about herself or himself?

spk_1:   31:06
I love this question. I used to live in my sorority house in college, So with 30 other women, this was bound to happen and leg Elizabeth touched on earlier. One negative thought in the house will just invade everyone. And so I think one of the things that I remember really trying to do with one of my good friends there was if she was maybe looking in the mirror, getting ready to go out or do something and saying, Oh, like I don't look good in this, or this is I feel X in this kind of encouraging them to reframe how they were looking at themselves and saying, OK, like, what do you like about this or what are you? You know, how can we make your thoughts become more positive about this? Like we're leaving in five minutes anyway, So you're going in this outfit, What can you embrace about it and what can shine through with this and really just encouraging them to not put themselves down and reminding them that your thoughts are speaking to your body. And if you start thinking the positive way about Oh, I love this outfits skirt like this is really fitting me. Well, then, the rest of the off it'll fall in place

spk_0:   32:18
also just looking at them in the eyes and saying You are beautiful and having that connection with them, I think, goes so far. Person probably start crying. I know I always do when someone gives me a compliment like that, because deep down I do know that it's true. But those fearful thoughts are just There's such a thick layer of it that it's really hard to get to the deep soul of it. You know,

spk_1:   32:47
when I think the biggest thing not to do when someone is talking negatively about themselves is don't brush it off and you know, of course, don't feed into it. That would be the absolute worst thing to do. But I think the second worst things like, Oh, no, you're fine. You're fine, like way we need to go taking that moment. Say OK, like you've said a couple of negative things like I can tell you're looking at yourself like that. What is a positive thing? I, you know, making eye contact with them and making having them make eye contact with themselves in the mirror to

spk_0:   33:18
Yeah, I like that because there usually is a deeper rooted underlying challenge. It's going on that night. Question number three. Who do you look up to for body positivity? That's a hard one. I

spk_1:   33:34
mean, I would say all of you guys in the instagram kind of community, but ultimately, body positivity is a self journey I can't look at. You can't look at someone big like I want to be body positive like her because, like Elizabeth and I talked about earlier, we both have different kind of challenges that we struggle with with our body image. So really, like looking up to yourself.

spk_0:   34:01
And I do love scrolling through the hash tag garbage or whenever we go through a fit plan, which we're going through right now is looking at that hashtag and just seeing all different shapes, sizes and just owning who you are. One of the things that Sarah and I actually recently did we went Thio. It's called King Spot. It's a Russian bathhouse in Chicago. Anyone who was in Chicago should totally go to it. But Fair's a section with the baths and massages and steam rooms and saunas, and everyone is walking around naked. And I remember in the beginning we were kind of, you know, covering ourselves up. But they're like no towels in here, like we want everyone to just be naked. Who's the purposes, of course, for going into the baths, right? You're not still be walking around in a towel outside of the room. Um, and I remember we were just talking about him. Were like, Wow, this would be such Ah, cool thing for every single woman to do, regardless of the age, because you do see all of these beautiful body types. And that was one of the things actually really got from the documentary embrace. This is in a sound, really crazy. But there was, um, one part of the documentary. They showed all different types of vaginas. I didn't even know that there were different types. Yeah, but just showing how not only our faces are different, like every single part of our body is unique. And how beautiful that ISS.

spk_1:   35:36
I love that. Yeah, I definitely will need to see this document because I didn't really know that, either. Yeah. Wow. I loved that King spa experience, too. And I just remember thinking like, we there's so many different shapes, sizes, colors, everything. It's incredible. And honestly, when you're all like when we're all surrounded by that, And remember that we are all connected like it is the most beautiful feeling you can ever imagine. Where do

spk_0:   36:05
you go for inspiration when you're feeling down about body image? Just questioning before,

spk_1:   36:11
um, something I've been doing recently is a lot of drawing. And so one of the things that I'm kind of working on right now is drawing different kind of body positive quotes. And so I think affirmations are huge for me. That's my love language. I definitely here any mantra that's like, I am beautiful, I am strong. And so really I had to Pinterest and I searched the happy the body, positive affirmations and just letting it out through artwork, too.

spk_0:   36:44
I always go to a yoga class whenever I'm feeling kind of down because, like I said, it's really about how my body moves and how it feels and just doing a flow, whether it's by myself or I really do love just doing it in a class with other women and men, and I just always feel better after your class. Totally Question Number five is How do you not let social media shape the way that you look at life and your body? How can you find a balance between being active on social media but also disassociating from it when it's no longer beneficial?

spk_1:   37:23
This is a great question. Yeah, and something that I think everyone struggles with. I know I can go from being really active on social media really present and then complete ghost town for me because I still I'm struggling with finding the balance. But one of the things I really try and do is a If I'm following an account that is ever triggering these thoughts of Oh, I'm not, you know, looking good enough for whatever. I just don't follow it immediately and really trying Thio balance. If I've noticed, I've been, like clicking for the instagram, but you know, when you're just you don't even think about it. But you go to that page on your screen, and before you know it, you're like halfway deep into, you know, someone random that you don't even have since degree. And it's not even a part of our That's when I take a moment. I go ahead. I like remove the app from my screen and I say, Okay, I'm gonna take a few days break until I noticed that I'm not trying to go to it, and I ended up doing that yesterday. Actually, cause I was like spending a lot of time to scrolling and was like, I you take a break. And so in a few days, I'm sure I'll re download it, but it's never bad to, like, take a mini break and meaning many breather.

spk_0:   38:34
Absolutely. It's so important to be able to be aware of how you're using social media. So are you mindlessly scrolling or using it because you're looking at the hashtags and you're commenting and interacting with other? Yeah, so I know for me, I have definitely gone on different social media de taxes lately. I've been not going on social media from Friday night to Saturday night and just 24 hours of no social media, and that's been a really nice to reset and helps me just know the bigger picture, like my phone shouldn't be for social media. Yes, I, of course, want to post, especially to the Charge Instagram account and give you guys different health and wellness tips. But I don't really want to use it to mindlessly scroll. I never want to do that. Yes, last question. Question number six. I find I am the most critical of myself, but girls who are almost identical to me and looks I find beautiful. How do I combat this?

spk_1:   39:39
This is such a great question in such a great thing to acknowledge Ah, quote that I heard recently that I really liked was our minds distort our mirrors. So we hit on this a little bit. But, you know, when Elizabeth says like, Oh, look at this pimple right now, a lot of times I'll be like, I have no idea what you're talking about or when I am like Oh my gosh, like my leg, the backs of my legs Right now Elizabeth will be like, I really don't see what you're talking about. And so, just acknowledging that our minds can really manipulate what we're seeing in the mirror and to take those times to be present with yourself in the mirror and it allow you to really see, like, what is there rather than allow your mind to play these games on like, you know, she is beautiful. But you know, you also have this going, and that going on and a lot of them are internal battles that you don't know what you know. Hers are so you can't put those inside your head.

spk_0:   40:37
Absolutely. I love that. We definitely all need to dio the mirror slash towel exercise because I think that will help so much well I love this discussion. I wanted to end with this quote from embrace. We've been talking about embrace so much. But I love this documentary. Please let me know if you end up watching it and what you thinks. I'd love to hear thoughts but this is the quote that I absolutely love from it. Your role in life is not to spend it at war with your body. Go out there and do something with your life. Contribute and reconnect with how you feel in life and get some more balance back. It's not about how you look. Your body is not an ornament. It is the vehicle to your journey. I love it. I love it. Thank you guys So much for listening. We love you so much and stay tuned for our next episode That will also be on self love. The next two episodes in February will be about this and so cannot wait to talk more on it.

spk_1:   41:40
Happy Galentine. D'oh! What are you doing?

spk_0:   41:44
My guys charge girls. Good morning. Yes, I'm talking to you. Time to get charged up. Cousin stays. Knew This guy says hi. Hands bluer than blue with the sun shining and all the birds chirping to two day is the best day to be alive. The miracles appeared once you open your eyes Surprise time to keep living the dream So get up and join the rest of your charge Tain