The CHAARG Podcast

#100] Jill Jernas: All Things CHAARG, Ambassador Advice, + Rowing

January 28, 2020 CHAARG
The CHAARG Podcast
#100] Jill Jernas: All Things CHAARG, Ambassador Advice, + Rowing
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For the 100th [!!!] episode, Elisabeth chats with CHAARG HQ's newest team member, Jill [@jill_inchaarg]. Jill shares her entire CHAARG journey -- becoming the Founding CHAARG Ambassador as a freshman, the CHAARG internship in Chicago, leaving her leadership position at CHAARG for a bit, ++ what her role looks like now! Jill also gives advice on starting a CHAARG Chapter... PSA: apps are due February 2! Email for more info : )

-- Start A Chapter: CHAARG Ambassador Application
-- Alexis's CHAARG Journey: Mind, Body, + Soul Transformation-- November Project-- Erin Condren Planners
-- Book Rec: Book Of The Awakening
-- Connect With Jill On Twitter ; ) @jillianjernas

spk_0:   0:05
guys. Welcome to the charge podcast. It is the 1/100 episode of the Charge podcast, which is absolutely crazy. And I am so excited for this episode because I am introducing our newest team member who I'm sure you guys have seen on Instagram for a while. But get to talk to you. Live on the podcast, Jill Journey as a welcome.

spk_1:   0:29
Thank you. So excited beyond number 100

spk_0:   0:32
Number 100 baby. Let's start out this podcast with how I start out almost every single podcast when you were a freshman in college, what did you imagine your life to look like? Right

spk_1:   0:45
now, as a freshman in college, I pictured myself working post grad in this city like this. But for a market agency or public relations firm representing couple companies or maybe having that role in a big like corporate company, my dream was to be in such a big company.

spk_0:   1:04
Did you ever intern for a large company?

spk_1:   1:07
No. I think my largest company, that I've been a part of us about 30 people, which is still very small.

spk_0:   1:12
That's true. Yeah, well, you are doing a little bit of marketing.

spk_1:   1:17
Yes, So I do have that in my current will. Talk about later. Basically. I mean, it really changes on a smaller scale than what I had pictured in my head.

spk_0:   1:27
So did you imagine yourself in Chicago or what were other cities that you were interested in?

spk_1:   1:32
I actually hadn't been Chicago except for when I was getting married. Gold all when I was really, really little. So for sure did not imagine Chicago, I assume. Not in Toledo, Ohio. And I thought, maybe in Florida, still in school.

spk_0:   1:48
Yeah. Uh, well, I want to dive all into the charge internship that you were a part of. But first, let's talk about charge. I would love to hear from you. What was college and fitness like for you before joining charge?

spk_1:   2:04
Absolutely. So I was a soon athlete. As a member of the rowing team, I had a position called the Cocks in where I didn't roll. Like the other girls. I satisfied essentially in the back of the front of the boat and just talk throughout the entire practice. So I never worked out actually, in practice hours, and I always pictured when I got Thio College that as a cox and I would still have a very strict workout routine like the rowers. But in my earlier years at UCF, there wasn't as much structure. So I was waiting so long to have this routine and it never really came. We would go to group Fitness costs is just me and my friends, and that's all I had as a fitness routine. Which is kind of what inspired me to look more into other programs as well is charged.

spk_0:   2:54
That's crazy. Why didn't they have you work out as a toxin?

spk_1:   2:59
Yeah, at first at UCF, we had a coach who didn't really understand the role of the cocks in in the weight Room. And the rowers are dead lifting and squatting more than we way. And they didn't really realize that this was not our role to build. Muscle did not understand that. So he would just throw us in with the rowers and the coach is one day realize that we're so sorry. The rowing coaches, because were a lot smaller than the other girls and there's really no point for us to do is we have no background lifting, so they just said, you know what, don't go back to the weight room just fine. You know, a partner and go to the gym on your own. So I had always freedom that I didn't think that I would have. So I was very thrown off by it.

spk_0:   3:44
Wow. Did you row in high school as well?

spk_1:   3:47
I did. Yeah, I did a little bit of actual rowing in high school with actually holding an oar, but I didn't start Cox ing very, very early,

spk_0:   3:56
okay? And you just knew that you wanted to continue doing that.

spk_1:   4:00
Yeah, I do know. You're just randomly got inspired. Thio, continue it further on and start looking into schools and researching on my own.

spk_0:   4:08
I love for you to share the story of how you heard about charge.

spk_1:   4:13
Yeah, so I actually heard about charge before I knew Esta es and her family very well. I actually started thrown facebook, just rain. We went to the same high school. We grew up probably a mile from each other, so very small worlds. And she posted about charge as a freshman in college and I actually heard about it from her Facebook before I even asked her about it. Whenever my friends had siblings at U C or we're going to You see, I always thought it was just a Cincinnati thing, and I would tell the I'm actually join this charge club. I had no idea what it waas besides the fact that it was a fitness club from last race. Facebook posts

spk_0:   4:51
on. How did you learn more?

spk_1:   4:52
I eventually grew closer to ask Day, and I really was interested in having it on campus. But I was really young. I was a freshman and I was very overwhelming things. Soon enough, Lee and I really wanted Thio find more workout routine. So I do the fit plan, and this will make a plan to have a little bit more structure to get in the gym to actually have guided workouts. And that's when I realized it was that more schools than just Cincinnati, and I actually was considering doing in charge in. I e mailed him and give us there at the time and asked if I could join. She said, Well, you don't have it at your school and she gave me information on how to start it, and I just kind of blew it off because I have a time. I was soon athlete. I'm like she has no idea that I'm just so busy and so I just kind of forgot about it. And I thought, Well, I'll just do the fit plans. And then one time there was a meditation challenge on the fifth Plan. And it was, you know, spend five minutes using the hide space at were meditating on your own. And UCF actually had a meditation class in person. We had, like, a yoga and wellness Jim. A little small 10 so supercool. They had a ton of resource is and there was a daily meditation cost like 3 to 4 PM So I was really hides up like, Oh, charge girls on instagram are gonna love it. I get this whole class instead of abig Syrians and they were like three people there in 40 months laid out in the room. One kid fell asleep and I just thought to myself, charge rules would love this. And that was kind of when I realized you cf needed charge. Not only did I need to arch, but the girls at UCF also needed because there's so many resources that they could have utilized, but no one knows about him. So I kind of reluctantly Sarah bag and sold her that I'd be interested in applying. And I remember petitioning to find those 100 names. And I had a quick board and I way outside that well, Miss Jim and too sweet for girls and no one ever, like turned me down. It was very weird of me to just be out there with the footboard. No charge things, just me. And they would give me their e mail. And then I finally realized the post in the class pages, which really blew up. And I got, like, 50 emails overnight. And I feel my video with a GoPro and I don't know how to work it. So it looks like an iPhone video. Very, very bad. Faster application video. So I wasn't very confident.

spk_0:   7:29
What month was that? Oh, gosh.

spk_1:   7:31
So it's funny about going to school in Florida is it's always the same in my head. It's all right. I am right. I believe it waas probably February

spk_0:   7:43
because you were definitely still a freshman.

spk_1:   7:44
Yeah, I was still a freshman. Yeah, I just got very much

spk_0:   7:48
because I remember that I based time you, Sarah and Sarah was like, Oh, my gosh, you're gonna love this girl. And I was so excited, and then she didn't tell me until later that you are a freshman. I was like, How is this girl? Only a freshman. Oh, my gosh. I was so impressed. Were like, Yes. Instant. Yes. How long ago is that?

spk_1:   8:11
No. Oh, my gosh, that was 2016. Well, so over four years

spk_0:   8:17
ago, while unreal. Oh, my gosh. Can you share what trading was like back

spk_1:   8:22
then? Yeah, it was so much fun. So we had these big p d efs. They were. I think mine was 100 pages long and every position had their own. And we had all these Pts for us and our team. We would read through, you know, pages 0 30 in a week, and then we would have on a call with Sarah in all the other girls who were being trained with me. And the calls were always so much fine. I used to take so many notes and I get made fun of butter Sarah on the camera. But it was great to me. Even girls I still talk to you. Just a Gabby Gluckman and other founding charge ambassadors. So I always looked forward to it as a time to kind of hang out with girls outside of UCF, which was great, but yeah, I was just Pdf and one of the few columnists Very long outline Sarah had for us to go over. And we always would go over time because it was just so much to talk about. We have so much fun.

spk_0:   9:16
Aw, can you describe what it was like starting a charged chapter

spk_1:   9:21
down in Florida? There wasn't any other trappers of the time. Luckily, one girl in my founding class was also starting f g C U. But that was on the other side of the state and there was no reputation of charge in the South yet really, Besides L s U, which is still pretty far from Florida, So no one really heard about it. And a lot of girls just have to trust me. I didn't have a lot to show. I really only had a poster board full of pictures from other chapters, and it was very hard to express. What charge waas when really No wind down there had even heard of it or heard of the concept. So I think it was a little bit harder than starting to school. Probably in Ohio were close to the Midwest, but girls really receptive of the idea. And I think we had, ah, 100 girls in early summer already. So they just really trusted the concept of a group that worked out together and they really caught on very fast, so it was a little bit difficult just to explain it. But I sent out a lot of emails, a lot of very detailed emails out, even film videos and post them. And I was really hot to work a little bit harder, I think, to get the word out.

spk_0:   10:31
Once you had an established chapter, what was the hardest part then?

spk_1:   10:37
I think that you see, if the hardest part waas to really establish that community of no matter what week to week you you go to charge, you go the workouts, you go to your small group. What's interesting about UCF is a lot of people live off campus because there is 68. 70,000 kids there sell the culture of people working people going to Daisy or the beach and like every single week was different for people and said Over I see is the Midwest and being so structured and having people live so close to campus and it's cold or something else to do sometimes. So it was really hard to establish that culture of, you know, in good times you go to charge and if you're stressed out, you go to charge like really having that outlet built into a community that was took a little bit longer

spk_0:   11:22
to D'oh! Do you remember your first event?

spk_1:   11:25
Yeah. So we were at the gym and we had, like, an in procession in a sample work out. And we had one of the big basketball courts and the bleachers and there were so many girls, hundreds of girls, and I was just kind of hiding in the back because I didn't really wanna go see, mingle on their own and not just look at me. So I was just in the bleachers with the other girls. But what? I didn't realize people would talk about it and they would ask me things like, Why do you want to join and how did you hear on? I didn't tell him, but I was the person who was running it on. And then I knew the minute I should have because I started talking in the girls I talk to You were just so confused and like I put him time, an embarrassing situation. So I remember that very vividly to not, you know, I try to be humble and, like, play small for a little bit, but it just was awkward for everybody. So I'm a lot

spk_0:   12:17
of very well because what was your favorite of that memory?

spk_1:   12:22
I think my favorite event, memory. That kind of kind of puts in a bow. Everything that I learned in all my events were like we always had workouts outside because it was beautiful. It was so nice out. We had speakers in the gym. We had a little lake on campus and we would work out and just watched the lake. And it was great by in the fall, it rains in Florida every single day, almost retain on the dot on the hour and the cup raining all of our suits. By late nights, we had literally used all of our rain plans for three weeks in a row. And we just had how the event outside, just like rain. And I told my event coordinators and my team Hey, we just have to have it. And the instructor was from UCF, But she had told me the gym doesn't allow her to, like, teach outside with its raining just for safety reasons. Liabilities, I'm sure. So my team was flipping out. I'm recalling every COC ahead in my phone and Sammy just said, You know what? Just go do it returned. That was the plan. And I just hung up the phone and I went out there and I lead yoga. And I, luckily, had gone to yoga like the day before. So it was fresh in my mind, and I never taught in my life. And I just pulled the girls. It was aqua yoga because I had heard of Aqua Zumba from you, and I just acted like it was really a thing and we did it and it was so much fun in the sun set was so pretty. Despite the rain, we got the coolest pictures and the girls loved that they posted on their in charge Instagram So I was so embarrassed. I'm like no one from charge. H q z this No coc See this? And girls just trusted me. And it was so peaceful. I pulled out of meditation just from my head at the very image of Arsenal. And it was great girls. So, like, energize and filled up. And I just in that moment was like, Well, truly is power of just winging it and acting like that was the plan. You're a natural. Yeah. So I told all of my ambassadors that when I was a c l C Just to can I give them hope of, You know, you just have to run with it.

spk_0:   14:34
I was hoping you'd share that story. Oh, my God. Because I remember seeing Instagram posts off Aqua yoga. And I remember being like Sarah, What is awful? Yoga. This is amazing. And then we finally heard this story and we were just dying laughing, And we were like, Wow, that

spk_1:   14:53
is a true leader. Honestly, it's good. Like emergency prep. It really does at school when you know, computer would go down on a presentation. My time is, Ambassador really helped kind of rituals gaps in those scenarios in real life.

spk_0:   15:07
Do you have any member stories of member sharing charge has changed my life?

spk_1:   15:13
Yes. Oh, my favorite example is during this first summer, I knew so many girls on instagram, but not in real life. You see, if I knew no one, I knew one friend outside of athletics, and that was it. So all of these girls who joined charge I never met them in person until charges actually established. So that whole summer I was building my arm. You have girls in one just adorable girl Joined name Alexis. And she was so sweet. Instagram so motivating, so inspiring, so open and honest. And I was like, Yes, this is my I started charged and she did the booty camp with me. And I remember I was at an ice cream shop in Ohio. Was home for the summer and they just got released to one and one of my girls. Alexis had one, and we didn't even start on campus yet. And I remember calling her I was so emotional. I'm crying and I call on the ice cream store reference looking at me because I'm alone eating ice cream and bawling. And unlike Alexis, you like, amaze me. Congrats. She's like, Thank you so much. What inspired you to call me? She had no idea that I was going on and on for a minute. About how proud of her I wise and how you know, this is why I started charge. And she just had no books. And I finally, after five minutes, I'm like, you won the big planters, the first winner, and she won. Oh, my gosh. Like so many things. And it was it was so cool to see And it just really gave me that boost. He'll take it seriously and keep planning and keep recruiting it. Really? I was very lucky that it came to light that soon That charge changes people. So I think that helps motivate me forever. Wow, that is insane. Yeah. I was so amazed her transformation

spk_0:   17:04
was incredible. Uh, I'm gonna have Thio look through the blogger, and we should link that up earlier.

spk_1:   17:10
I can't wait to see it again. Absolutely.

spk_0:   17:13
If you could give your younger ambassador self advice, what would it be?

spk_1:   17:17
Not stress to small things. I would always dressed in suits. Well, eight days. What could go wrong? What's going to happen? Worst case scenarios. And I think one thing, too, that I always have my vent corn ears do was planned for the worst case scenario. So one of our rain plans was a scavenger hunt on campus. An actual print out the papers. If we have to enact this like right now and come prepared, then you have nothing to worry about. Like you've already done all of the prop work. I spend hours just washing the weather, like in class all throughout the day, just being so nervous but really looking back out of. Just prepare for the worst, and then you can't stress it until 10 minutes for the event starts, because that's in the rain comes. So I wasted a lot of time just worrying about things that were silly.

spk_0:   18:04
How is charged? Helped you grow as a person.

spk_1:   18:08
Yeah, it for sure changed. My mindset of my body is actually up to me as an athlete, especially in the cocks and roll. They don't really care about our physical fitness at all. I was on Lee about our weight in the boat, and that was the only number. The only metric the Onley fitness body thing they even had on paper.

spk_0:   18:31
Did you have to wait yourself? Yeah. Wow.

spk_1:   18:34
Yeah. I only heard about the scale and not so much about my fitness. I didn't care if I could run. If I could live, I'd like to work out. And I did work out a lot even before charge for the first time. After joining charge, I realized that I could work out for fine and I could lift weights because it was cool and I could feel empowered. And I really didn't take control of my health and my wellness in my fitness until I realized it was a global community who supported me in doing so and giving the resource is to do so. I was less like a robot. More like adversity.

spk_0:   19:10
You are the chapter trainer now. That's one of your roles. I'd love for you to share some advice for people who are thinking about applying my base Piece of advice would be to hold nothing back more so

spk_1:   19:25
in a way that you can't have any excuses. Stop you. I had so many excuses, So in charge of UCF, I was soon athlete. I had no time. I was far from home, but summers I wasn't bear. In a lot of times I've seen applications. I want to do this but X, y Z and expression a role like an ambassador. Everyone is busy. Everyone has their own obstacles at school, in their own things going on. And you just cannot let any excuses prevent you from applying or from fulfilling your role.

spk_0:   19:56
We should give some application tips.

spk_1:   19:59
Yes, so the next half review is February 2nd 2020. So it is coming up. Although it seems so far away, we have three very important components of the application. Wine is our video. Wine is a list of girls who are interested in joining charge, and then one is a list of local studios. So the first you are the most important. The video number one. We can't interview every girl, which really sinks. But this is a great way to showcase your personality and tell us a little bit more about you, especially because it's hard on video calls to really get that. I know my video was not great. That is like one of my regrets, because I was just very lucky that isolated interview after that. So having a video that showcases your personality, not just you sitting in your dorm room just sitting at your desk, really? Get out on campus, show us your gym or show us around town shows around campus. So relation casing who you truly are in that video, and then that 100 minimum. For girls who are interested in charge, this doesn't have to mean that they're committed to joining charge of that there would by membership or anything like that. This is just a list of girls who would be interested in joining possibly, and my advice to you is just get as many names as possible. A lot of times, schools are very small, maybe a few 1000 girls. But if you have a time of names, you'll really show us that you're interested in this. You have the heart for it and that even though your school small you're willing to still

spk_0:   21:33
grow charge, What question on the application do you feel like you really look at, like, what's a question that these girls can answer that they know? I really want to make sure that this is perfect to

spk_1:   21:49
me. The most important question is how they live the charge lifestyle, because I think it's really easy. Thio mistake the charge lifestyle as just someone who works out. Meanwhile, it's so much more about the community and the mental health side of things. And I think a lot of girls just like toe lift or do yoga and think that's really all to it. So I really look at that. There's a lot of questions I know I insert for how many hours did you commit to this? I answered five. Think a zit, but those things you can always teach and you can always learn. But passion is something that's hard. Thio train. So for sure, those questions.

spk_0:   22:28
What are three other qualities besides passion that you think every soon to be charged leader needs? Toe have,

spk_1:   22:37
I think brave, because you don't necessarily have to be outgoing, but you have to be brave enough even if you are introverted. To go ahead and step out of your comfort zone and thio spread the word about charging the girls that you don't know efficient is another quality I think would be very important. More so because it is a lot of work and you can do other things like have a job, have a life outside of charge. We want you to be really invested in your major and in school, so being efficient with your time management as well as how you work is very, very helpful. Lastly, open minded is a very important quality. You mean a lot of girls who didn't grow up like you aren't a near same major aren't in your same grade, and it's very important to really understand all walks of life. And you have no idea why girls join charge when I realize that it really collecting a lot of things to be more careful of how a word things or how I talk in front of other girls, especially members, so open minded is absolutely something that's required.

spk_0:   23:40
Who do you think should not apply to be a charge ambassador?

spk_1:   23:44
I think if you're studying abroad and will be absent from campus for a long period of time, that could be a really big barrier of getting you training spring the word on campus as well as if you are graduating so soon. Your last semi serious, full of ceremonies, graduation all of these little things. And I think that would be a little bit overwhelming to train the girl coming after you. So I think those are the really big limitations. The rest can be worked around

spk_0:   24:13
the last topic that I want. Thio. Make sure we address when it comes to being a charge Ambassador is time commitment. What advice do you have on this? And how many hours a week it actually was. How many hours a day? What did your week look like? I just want to be really realistic.

spk_1:   24:33
Great question. When I was first starting charging campus, I've played out in my planner of certain time blocks that I was going to be working on charge No to free FIA and then class 4 to 6 and then practice whatever. And I really thought maybe separate chunks of my life. Parents growing very class. However, when you establish a community, girls don't know what it's like to have so many questions. And I really realized I got e mails and tests at all right sometimes, and I realized that if it's me, you know, less than two minutes into the question. I was just going to do it that way. Girls were left hanging and the beginning that was very important. Thio just really give live time whenever you needed it and block off the schedule. When I was more establishing my chapter, I actually thought the opposite. So I was trying to be so structured. And then I realized it needed to be just It's a living, breathing communities 24 7 and I addressed it that way. But as I moved into being ambassador for a year, six miles, I kind of went to the opposite. I realized, you know, it's not life or death when the girls know where the weekly workout is tomorrow night, when today I'm studying for my school or I have to go to work. So I really learned to take time for myself and kind of turn off text notifications and eventually block off a time as I was more mature into the role. But I think at first really expect to be hands on, Ah, lot of your day, obviously, still getting your studying dine and things like that. But just know that it is hundreds of girls who do need help. And it's really we open minded to just spending teeny part of your day instead of only one hour at night. So realistically, I would say 10 to 15 hours sil per week, But it wasn't always blocked off in our chunks. And that was one thing that when I was young, I didn't really

spk_0:   26:36
understand. Absolutely. You've had so many roles in charge. Other than just being the charge Ambassador, can you share your journey of being an intern, a seal, see what your current role looks like now? I'd love to hear everything.

spk_1:   26:53
So it was an ambassador for probably a year, maybe. And back in the day, we had a lot of one on one time with are sealed sees as well as the national charge team these days. No red 70 plus universities. And it's just not as possible. Unfortunately, And I remember one time I was actually evacuating from a hurricane and I had scheduled our coffee chat. You and I had a little virtual coffee shot and you, uh, had just asked me on our call. You know, you talked about housing ambassador going things like that. But then you asked me if I trained in the summer and I was like, No. And I knew your son Alex, a lot you're making soon athletes small talk on. And I told you know you're not smelly time I have off. We have a virtual training plan. Whatever. And you asked me if I was interested in interning. And I was so caught off guard just because, you know, you had a very few interns At that point, I was. So it just was never even in my mind. That was a possibility. Just because there were so many girls and I was just over the moon ecstatic. I remember I was quitting like Oh, my God. I just got, you know, loosely asked. I was so almost dumbfounded. And I remember I I was so looking forward to that summer and finish up the rowing season and got Chicago as soon as possible. And I remember it was just so much fun with Libby, the other intern who was also a charge ambassador. It was just like a dream come true. But we had I just remember so much work all the time, and I was like, wow, like, this is chaos. and I had so much fun doing it. I lived and breathed charge and it was a blast and it was almost hard. Thio go back to school that year because I felt like I had seen just charging a higher scale and was so passionate about it, and it was almost hard my brain to back down to a smaller level of charge of tractor Love over is because I knew so many more people, and it was almost like overwhelming to scale it back down. So I was still in ambassador than from myself. More year and tell my junior years of two full years and then, after I retired from being an ambassador, passed the torch. I then became a C. L C. And I still did some expansion. Things just on the side helped out Ceren, Elissa, backer with emailing people when posting Facebook groups all sorts of stuff. So I never really left that expansion side of things. And then I was a C L C, which was great. I still got to help, like, launch new trappers, which was awesome because I was in their shoes before. I definitely felt weird being a charge member and being a C l c. I feel like I was in this awkward kind of limbo phase of my All of them are young and my in charge and I'm not in charge. Why was I still in charge? But was I? You know, running the show was not so. That was a really awkward time. And at that time, I was trying to figure out when my doing after school. And actually we worked out of this incubator in 18 71 and I met a few other companies in there, One including, ah, water bottle company. It was a smart water bottle called hydrates spark, and I just kept in touch with those employees. And then I ended up interning with them one summer, right when I was still a C O. C. So I was back in Chicago with them, and then Post grad in May was kind of like something down from being a c l C. Just because I was so no result the real world and had so much on my mind and I had no idea what it would look like. So I took a little break and then accepted a full time roll over their hydrate spark. And I remember being so heartbroken. Thio kind of be out of the charge bubble. And Sarah always told me, like, you know, this is not like you're cut off. You never know, like when it could circle back. And maybe you'll go work for another company, realize you like a ring for charge more. And that was exactly what happened. So it was just funny that she gave me that advice that was so true. And I was so reluctant to believe, and he just seemed so crazy at the time. Like, Sarah, we're trying, but we cannot re circle this. And it's just funny how life works out. And I'm so thankful that I had, you know, the wisdom and Sarah and charge stating that they actually, you know, he always gave me real advice. You guys always told me how it waas, and it was true. So it really helps.

spk_0:   31:42
Do you remember how you reacted when I don't remember if it was Sara or myself texting you about this new role? Yeah. What did that look like? So,

spk_1:   31:56
at the time I was working my full time job and I was very overwhelmed when I realized early on, you know, I thought it was so crazy when I was an intern charge I had so much to dio And then I realized every other internships. Since then, it was still always a lot to Dio. I thought it was just a chargeable that was busy and crazy. It's really every world in every company. Hopefully. So I was so around with my full time job and I was also beginning Thio get my certifications to becoming personal trainer and I was working at the fitness studio and I was also doing their marketing. So I had about, like, four jobs at the time, so I was very overwhelmed and then at first I thought would be more of a part time role and I was like, Wow, this is great but I really do not have any more room for another part time job. I already have four or five of them, and I was so I kind of like daydreaming of like Oh my gosh, like this could actually be the possibility. And I was so excited because I truly thought that that opportunity had just fizzled out you know, with ending the SCLC all of these emotions because I just never thought of it. I never even thought it would be possible. Like my internship. I just never even pictured it in my head. So I was over all that. I was very happy, but I was also, like,

spk_0:   33:17
shocked. Were you nervous about talking Thio, your current company that you are working with? Like I don't know if I have only been working with them for a couple months. Like should I really do this

spk_1:   33:30
So nervous? Because my parents, my boyfriend, they all are been a jobs forever. And I only remember my parents quitting their jobs or moving jobs or anyone that I know. So I was very nervous. I was only working there full time for probably like three months, four months, And I was so scared Tom headed to my pit in my stomach. I couldn't sleep for weeks. I was luckily as a fast process. So I remember I send them a message. The cofounders, normally they were in different states, and they were in the same city and in arse in Chicago. And I was like, Oh, crap, I wish it would have been over a call because it would have been easier sound as it is, but they were so understanding. They taught me so many things, and I truly love the environment. I love the company, have loved that they did. But I realize that when you work full time, your work is your life, and it really is what you put your heart and soul into. And I want to make sure that it was something that I was over the moon, excited about which I did love the water ball company. But I loved how much more impact I could make on girls directly at charge. I always miss that aspect of talking to more people. So they were so understanding. Remember, one girl said that she remembered me as an Internet charge, knew how, like happy and how much I loved it there. So that was especially taught me so many things, and I was so grateful. It was a very, you know, clean break. It was very emotional. I cried. It's my father's, but it was truly a learning Syrians and they were awesome to work with, and we laughed us on a really great knows it was very bitter sweet, but they're still waiting for me, which is awesome. And I'm rooting for them as well.

spk_0:   35:15
What were some questions that you asked yourself before making that decision?

spk_1:   35:21
Yeah. So I really asked myself, Can I work in the office five days a week? Because my other job, we worked from home to defeat days a week, so that was a big lifestyle change. But I think thio between myself to just have more low energy on those days and like, Oh my gosh, I couldn't even go the office today. I've so much to do. I'm so you know, I really put me kind of in a spoiled routine. So that was my number one concern. And I also was just worried with startups. It's always like, you know, which ones to get picked first. Which one's gonna blow up first? Which one's more stable? Which wine do people know about more? Which one only meets a better future opportunities? So always those sort of questions in my mind and as well as the room for growth and the environment. So I really knew that charges and more wellness focus, environment not that my old culture wasn't healthy, but we just didn't have literal like initiatives that we have here in our weekly meetings. So I really have that perspective as well as what do I want to define me overall? So that was pretty big factors.

spk_0:   36:33
And what was that?

spk_1:   36:36
I in my, you know, side gig as a personal trainer? I really thought that charge better represented me as who I believe in where my passions lie. Overall, I think it was really cool to have all of my job's kind of be in unison and be toward the same mission of making people healthier. And I really thought that I have more hands on approach at charge for that. And

spk_0:   36:59
you still group train. Yeah, So impressive. Yes. Can you talk a little bit about that process?

spk_1:   37:07
Absolutely. So I'd heard of rowhouse in December at school, and I thought the concept waas unreal. It was a rowing studio, and all I thought you had to do was, you know, kind of like the service called Cox ing and rowing. So I thought you just cox on the herbs and I did that three times a week already at UCF So I thought it was very similar with charge. I was very active and fitness. I always mind teach it. I had seen, you know, hundreds of girls teach at events. So I got my owners email and told them, Hey, I need to be involved in this. I'm coming up in, like, six months. And he called me the next day, even though I wasn't in town, which is great. And he recommended a certification for me to d'oh, which is the National Academy of Sports Medicine. So I bought the program and put it off all the way through graduation. I just assumed that I'd take the test and fall and then, you know, ease into teaching, maybe in the new year. But then I realized the certification expired six months after I bought. So I bought it in, like, early January. And then I was moved to Chicago, moving apartments, moving my whole life, graduating, and I was like, Oh, my gosh, this test is in two weeks, so that was very fun. And you're gonna get Red Cross certified in all of these things. CPR certified 80 whatever. So I really rush it all and cram, just like I was in college, and I just creamed creamed cram for this test. And in Chicago there was like, a testing lab, and you got to go in to a random building and take a test on a computer like walls around you. So did that. And then I think I had a week before my instructor training began, so I really cut it close with the certified in being allowed to go. But I had to. I just It was all happening at once. I do really well when I'm really busy, so it ended up being totally fine. It puts me under pressure to do things faster. So I became certified and then went to a training for three days in Chicago, and a master trainer flew in to teach us about row house and how to row and things like that.

spk_0:   39:15
What was your first class teaching

spk_1:   39:18
like? Luckily, the first cost. That Roadhouse waas, my friends and family class where I had to put on ah class for friends of mine. So those people that I knew

spk_0:   39:29
was that the one that I was

spk_1:   39:31
Yes, you were that were very first class, saying Oh, my God, I was with a bunch of people who had already been teaching another place in Chicago. I think I was the only person who had never been on a mic before, so I was very nervous and we had to do these little teach backs and training where I had just had a coach a few songs in the mike and I was, ah, hot mess because I was the only one who never done it before. So that was very scary. And then that first class, Yeah, I have 15 or 16 people I could bring. It was all people I knew, so that made me feel really comfortable that my first time on the podium was like I would look out in the New Year's and it'd be all of you guys. So it was so special that you came and that, you know, you would serve there to support me, so it was really fun. But I looking back at it, I was like, Oh, my gosh is probably horrible. It was great. It was scary. Remember, just the light making me sweat so much that was just ordinary.

spk_0:   40:25
Well, it's nice that it's a dark realm. Yeah, probably too. Absolutely. You still teach so many classes. How many classes a week do you teach?

spk_1:   40:33
It varies by the month, but right now, I think I'm on eight classes a week, and I was really going to wait to the New Year's. I was more settled in my post grad life, but the studios opened in the summer and they really needed people. And it was like, Well, I could found a club and be on the Founding Instructors. Or I could just be a new instructor later ons and they really needed people. So it was perfect timing, and I figure I had a practice for at least two hours a day at UCF. So I have that two hours building to my mornings and I can coach, So that helped

spk_0:   41:11
a row house. Do you have to have a classes a week? Oh, would you be able to scale back if he wanted to go?

spk_1:   41:17
I think they hope for six to let you gain. Just look moderate with the people around you and the people that come to row house, but I could scale back for sure, because especially because it's you know, have a full time job and things like that. But I find that it's better for the community and for me as I progressed in my teaching to still coach that money, and it really isn't. I was weird to be a lot just on my day, but the days that I coach him actually more productive and more away get work and in a better mood and things like

spk_0:   41:48
that. What do your group fitness training goals, I

spk_1:   41:53
think eventually be fun to be a master coach. I don't think I won't do that full time, but I think it would be cool. I think they'll eventually have. Citywide master coaches would be cool to be Chicago's and have a level here to coach and help the train. The new people.

spk_0:   42:08
Do You see yourself ever working with a different studio?

spk_1:   42:12
I don't think so. Rowhouses. Very shrewd of sport, of rowing, which was very important to me, and it's natural. It's what I've been doing for eight years now at rowing, so I can't see myself doing any other format.

spk_0:   42:26
What does your workout routine look like? Outside of teaching?

spk_1:   42:30
Yeah, so I teach most mornings which is when I like to work out the most. I go to bed at, like, seven o'clock, so I really have a hard time staying up late to work out or working out, even after work. So the mornings that I have not a row house. Luckily, now I'm only in the mornings there, probably three days a week. I wrote for about 70% of the class, so I do a lot at road right now. I spend two mornings and November project, which is like a free fitness movement. It's all body weight, mostly running based workouts. So I d'oh and I like sometimes run there and back or bike there and back. So two of those workouts and then you know, 6 to 10 and RoHaas crosses. And then I have a gym at home and I, like lift, maybe once a week. Since

spk_0:   43:17
you are so new to the post grad life, I wanted to ask you a few questions about what Post grad is like what's been the most surprising aspect of post grad life.

spk_1:   43:28
I thought that I was really busy in college, and I love us in high school, but I always think in my faces of life that I'm so busy right now. But the next age will be so much calmer. And I always thought that Post grad I would just have time to, like, go home and watch TV and just hang out. And that's in the most surprising thing where I I really just don't

spk_0:   43:52
Is there anything that you wish you would have done differently? Right after graduation,

spk_1:   43:57
my co burgers at hydrate always told me, You know, go take a vacation, take time off before you graduate and before you start working, And especially as a soon athlete, I couldn't be at UCF for a little bit longer than most people because our final conference championship waas probably a month after graduation. So it was a long time that I was down there and I felt so behind from the rest of the post crowd world that I just immediately moved to Chicago and started working instead of taking a vacation or taking a few weeks like pushing back my start date. Everyone told me to do that, and I did not listen to them.

spk_0:   44:29
Do you? Do you wish you did that?

spk_1:   44:31
Yeah, for sure just relax for two weeks and not thought about anything but already in early. And I was working for hydrate and for rowhouse social media, so did not have that break.

spk_0:   44:42
What is it like living in Chicago after years of the Florida sun?

spk_1:   44:47
Yeah, I do love how active Chicago is. I don't have a car. It's great to just walk around. I do the bike share, which I love, So I really enjoyed that aspect of it. But I definitely missed being able to spend time like work outside your rounds. I love just like doing homework outside. I was on a boat for 2 to 3 hours a day for four years, so it's really hard not having that just hours outside. I spent hours outside every single day, so it's hard working and not being able to physically go outside. But so far in Chicago, I've just bundled up a lot more than necessary, and so far it's been OK. The snow's pretty, but I know it's still the easy

spk_0:   45:32
season. Have you kept in touch with your friends from college?

spk_1:   45:38
Absolutely of comes in touch with girls who were in charge, but also my teammates you just You go through a lot in four years together. So I have one friend from school. My best friend, Paula, who I face time once a week, so which isn't really proud of. And we do keep just group chats alive here and there. But I've held onto the really close ones, which is good.

spk_0:   45:59
What do you miss most about college?

spk_1:   46:03
I miss having the freedom. I always thought I didn't have the freedom, But in college I could be a soon athlete for a few hours and he still on expectations, obviously. But with school, it was easier. You just had to be a student for a few hours a day, and then he could really turn it off when you didn't have to set your do work. So I missed the freedom to have kind of separate components. Now I feel like everything relies on your job and as it should, and it will be forever. So I miss having just the chance to be so devoted to so many different outlets and not having to have them blend together.

spk_0:   46:38
This episode will go live in January, and you know, I'm all about goals and intentions. What goals or intentions do you have for yourself in 20

spk_1:   46:48
20? Absolutely. So I began to thought a lot about this really adult things that I have just been too busy. Thio not I've been too busy. I've been to care was to really take it into account. I have really like the remain goals want us to really find like a church community in Chicago. I've been a little bit stocking that area and another goal of mine, which is kind of silly, but it's to think more of my future. And actually, I always do. These daydream ings about future plans, but actually start like saving for his argument, and being more responsible with my finances is a big wine. And lastly, I wanna make more time for fine. And last time scheduled up in with work,

spk_0:   47:37
I asked the charge community what questions they have for you and I. Could you not probably about 10 different people asked, How does Jill balance at all? Because you do so so, so much. I know you're really big into your planner, so I'd love for you to share a little bit about that. But what other tips do you have? Or girls? You just want to do more but just don't know how they can fit it.

spk_1:   48:02
Absolutely. So when I was an ambassador, one I might exact, team members really had a hard time planning out her day, and she had a lot on her schedule with work and with all these cups was a part of. And then I really clicked and I realized everyone is busy like some kids in college or busy partying all night long in the f do their homework in 10 minutes cause they went out. Some people are busy because they're athletes or because they worked. Three jobs have to pay for their school. I realized in college everyone is busy and you just choose how you spend your time being busy and what you're busy with. So that was really a lightbulb moment for me, and I just realized it's important. It's a priority, and I didn't do a ton of social things on the weekends. I really valued my rest, so I think that's my number. One tip is really realizing what's in foreign and making yourself busy with those things. Even if it is, you know, you're busy cause you have to sleep for eight hours this weekend. So that was really would help. Get me through is just realizing we all have the same 24 hours and you just choose why you're tired to say B room studying. Or it might be from being out or whatever. What planner tips do you have for us? Yes. Oh, I love that Aaron Condon planner, which has hourly weekly. They have blank days where you can go ahead and choose your own layout. So I really recommend not just looking at what everybody house has. And I always love the blank win because it allowed me freedom to separate out some weeks by school class trunks, some weeks by work chunks. And then as you grow and kind of move on, you know your life changes. Your job's changed like I had and just really being flexible about your planning and not being so strict because you'll fall off a minute. You can't hold up to those expectations, and then you just never get back into it because you're almost guilty. Have not planning properly. So this being super fluid and how you planning just having a planet that can change with you. Maybe it's just a bullet journal with blank pages. That's my biggest planner.

spk_0:   50:02
Tip The last topic I wanted to die. Then, before we end with some rapid fire questions, is your current role. So I'd love you to share what your current role looks

spk_1:   50:13
like. Absolutely so, first of all, I am a community manager, and this entails quite a few things here at charge. So one of it being the podcast, I added all the podcast right now, which I will be editing this one, too. And this is fun. Thio really hear people in their raw like natural self, which is actually very fun. I also play in the events, So this is anything from the fit plans to actually in person events like the charge tour. I also handle brand partner shows, which is cool Thio. See what other companies have in mind? A lot of companies really believe in our mission of women empowerment and fitness, which is so cool to see companies of all sizes really invest their timing, their effort into our mission. So that's been really rewarding. I also d'oh some marketing tests like email marketing and digital marketing things along the way. So I still have that marketing side of things that I always pictured myself doing. I also in the new chapter trainer. And in this role I recruit girls to start charge on their campus, which allows you to meet a lot of girls who are just like me and young and ambitious. So I really love that aspect. I also trained them as well as help conduct their interviews and application process is. So everything expansion is, well,

spk_0:   51:35
what is your favorite part of your role? I think my

spk_1:   51:40
favorite part of my role is that both in my community manager role and my new jumper trainer will I still have to interact with the CEO sees in the charge community so much whether it be four ideas for, like venues for my event planning or CEO sees to help train my new chapters. I That's why I fell in love. The charge was so many girls who cared about me, and we're fine and I could learn so much from So I love that I still have that in both of my rolls.

spk_0:   52:08
What about the most surprising challenge within

spk_1:   52:11
your role, adding the podcast is pretty hard. I never thought that that would be so hard. So I think that's probably the most surprising. When I think back of like what I knew my job rules, we're going into it.

spk_0:   52:25
What are you most excited for with the charge world in 2020?

spk_1:   52:30
Well, one thing go, we have hit 100 chapters in 20. So yeah, it is very exciting.

spk_0:   52:36
I can't wait. It's happening.

spk_1:   52:38
Yes, it's happening. We're on track. Way will get there and then

spk_0:   52:43
we'll get our charge. Tattoo is it'll be a great day. I cannot wait. Manifesting this for sure. Let's do some rapid fire questions. All right. Are you ready? I'm ready. One word to describe you. Bolts. Work out that you want to try. Shadow Box, River North Book Every charge girl should read the

spk_1:   53:05
vocally awakening. I read it every day. So,

spk_0:   53:08
so good. What's your favorite snack? Healthy Drink yogurt. They re meal to bring to the office

spk_1:   53:16
specifically here. I love to bring that home menace from Bernie's Kitchen. So good lamb in it. Delicious.

spk_0:   53:25
What is your favorite treat? Jenny's ice cream favorite believer. I really like the lavender. The, um I'd like to meet Alan generous top three interests other than fitness

spk_1:   53:41
crafting. I loved, like, need a point and cross it. I also love reading like personal development things and and spirituality for

spk_0:   53:51
sure. What is your ideal morning routine? So I love

spk_1:   53:58
to wake up really early. How would you know? So actually really silly go early would not have anywhere to be. I would love Thio be able to sit on my couch much of sun rays on the lake. But I can only do that on Saturdays or Sundays now. So I sit on my couch and watch all the colors change and then I get going. So that would be my ideal routine is just to have coffee and just be quiet. Look out the window as silly as it is and then be able to work out in the morning.

spk_0:   54:26
How early is a really hot I did I wake up usually around four

spk_1:   54:32
every day and in my perfect world I would have nowhere to be a mako But four still work out before the sunrise that I could be like, showered and watched the sun rise.

spk_0:   54:41
Oh, my God, Michael un riel. You wake up on your own north an alarm,

spk_1:   54:48
Um, have a garment and I set my watch to vibrate me awake. But normally I do wake up on my own. Sometimes it's just too early, though. So that's the kicker, Thea. But on the weekends. And so for a nice in my alarm Freight. Uh,

spk_0:   55:04
what is your favorite day of the week? Friday. Greatest lesson on college.

spk_1:   55:13
It is what you make

spk_0:   55:14
it. Greatest lesson on wellness. Do what feels good And last question. What does being hash tag in charge mean? Thio

spk_1:   55:25
2 may be in charge means that you have a steering wheel of your life. And the only thing that you will always have in every stage of life is yourself. And being in charge is really taking control of every aspect of fat. Thank you so much. Gel,

spk_0:   55:41
Your amazing We are so, so, so blessed to have you on team charge. You are a Bryan. Honestly, Jill is the funniest person I think I've ever met. Honestly, we just have you on the podcast sometime and you should just tell stories of your life.

spk_1:   55:56
Kelly and I should use it.

spk_0:   55:57
Honestly? Yes, that is happening. Happening? Where can girls learn more about you?

spk_1:   56:05
Jill? Journeys on Instagram. Absolutely. Around my Twitter account. Julian Dernis.

spk_0:   56:11
Who do you use? Twitter Very often. Twitter is making a comeback. I heard and never left. Okay. Oh, my gosh. Well, we'll put those items in the show notes And I'm sure you guys will see and hear much more from jail in the upcoming months. Have a great day and I'll talk to guys later. Bye. Charge, girls. Good morning. Yes, I'm talking to you. Was time to get charged up Because these days I knew this guy says hi Hands bluer than blue With the sun shining and all the birds chirping to two day is the best day to be alive The miracles appeared once you open up your eyes Surprise time to keep living the dream So get up Enjoy the rest of your charge. Tain, huh?