The CHAARG Podcast

#110] Julie Ohlemacher: Health At Every Size, Set Point Weight Theory, + Anti-Diet

April 07, 2020 CHAARG
The CHAARG Podcast
#110] Julie Ohlemacher: Health At Every Size, Set Point Weight Theory, + Anti-Diet
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Julie [@julie.ohlemacher], an intuitive eating health coach, shares her journey on overcoming an eating disorder, ++ provides so, so much light + research that supports that we are all meant to come in different body sizes. This is an episode NOT to miss.

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guys. Welcome to the charge podcast. Today I am here with Julie. She is a health coach who hosted a workshop with the ESU Charge girls, which is how he got connected. So that was really fun. And I'm so excited. Thio chat with you today. Thank you so much for being here. Well, thank you for having me, uh, come to be here comes when you were 18 years old. What did you imagine your life toe look like right now?

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Oh, my goodness. That's a really great question.

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I thought I would be probably working

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for a magazine in New York City.

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Cool. Yeah. So what was your major? I kind of did that. I

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was a communications major, so it had, like, a minor, and we didn't have Ah, actually, journalism Major, where I went to school. But we had, like, a concentration so little journalism, concentration and yeah,

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okay. And then you said you did do that for a little bit.

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So I had an internship in college at a National Women's like health and Fitness magazine in New York City, and it was fabulous and also was a very big turning point in my life. and I was like, Oh, I can't do this like I don't want to do this for many reasons.

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Tell me more. So this is where just

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jumping right in which I love I love it. So this is at a point in my life when I waas um really started to overcome my own disordered eating and exercise and all that kind of stuff. And as I was making my way out of that hole, I was just getting really curious of why I hated my body so much like a why had these struggles. And so there I am. I'm studying communication, right? So I'm sending how messages impact us, getting really curious about that angle. And then I was at this magazine, you know, with headlines like, Oh, you know, do these six moves the blast belly fat or whatever it waas and I was a photo in turn. So I'm also seeing the photo shop. I'm saying all I'm seeing everything, and it just was honestly, look back,

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Look. Oh, my God, Universe, You're so sneaky and you're so smart, right? And it just always

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there already laid out in front of me and it just was this moment of holy shit like No wonder I struggled so much. Look at these messages. Look what I have been taught and programmed with since I was a little girl. Because I was that girl growing up who read those magazines like the Bible, you know, always looking like what's what's the secret fix? Like, what will fix my body? What will bring, you know, that that beauty and success and whatever. So that really was a turning point when I was like, No, I can't contribute thio to this type of messaging. So that was that was that was in between junior and senior year in college. Right? So you're on this course, You know, that was my second internship at a magazine. At that point, I was really on that track and then going to senior year like, Oh, just

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kidding. Nevermind. And so what did you decide to? D'oh. So I had been working

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with a really cool researcher. I went to Boston College. Um, and she would

spk_0:   3:13
did help communication research Stop. She might know. I'll give a shout out

spk_1:   3:22
Thio actually do again. Who was my professor? Dr. Dugan is amazing. I bet she's had her.

spk_0:   3:28
I'm totally gonna ask. Oh, he'll be so excited.

spk_1:   3:31
She's incredible. Um, that's so funny. I could go the whole tangent right

spk_0:   3:35
now. I literally was just sleeping in her door, like, where does she live?

spk_1:   3:38
Do you know if she lives? Not Ahmad?

spk_0:   3:41
It's not. Not like red. Yeah, she's not. She's showed me that, like, this is so funny. So that's I love that. Um, so, yes, I was

spk_1:   3:56
working for it. Is this awesome health education researcher And that's when I kind of started realizing

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Oh, I could actually

spk_1:   4:01
go and study and actually research how these messages impact body image. Um and you know, I think at that point my life, the way I was good at school. So I was like, Why not just keep doing school right? And all this research this that I thought, Oh, yeah, I'll go in academia, I'll get my master's PhD, you know, go that route. Um, background into Columbus, Ohio State for my masters. It was a combined the master's PhD program, and it was there that I realized I really love. I really love and appreciate research. I love learning it and reading the articles. Just fascinating to see, Like what we can prove. I hated doing it like, really, I was like, all this is just this is torture

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us. It was like, Wait a minute, I

spk_1:   4:45
ate this. So, you know, academia being oppressor is mostly research. So that was another moment of like, Okay,

spk_0:   4:56
I'm really passionate about this, and I love it,

spk_1:   4:59
but I don't want to do this with my life. So, you

spk_0:   5:03
know, you are so interesting. Okay, I'm loving this story. What comes next? What comes next? I ended up

spk_1:   5:10
working in public health for a couple years, honestly, fell into my lap. There was like, an internship that got passed around the communication department, and I just I got that internship for a summer and ended up working there full time after I graduated.

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And it was good because

spk_1:   5:25
it was still aligned. I was still passionate about helping people live healthier lives. All of that. So still in a line up, but with my core values and all of that. So that felt really good met. Amazing people did work. I really cared about for sure, which was fantastic. And it was from there that I then just discovered health coaching. And what that Woz. And once I once I had started seeing health coaches, it was this moment of That's why I always dreamt of doing, you know, when I was in college, even it was that that desire to help empower women to, you know, heal their own relationships with their bodies and exercise and food. All these things I had also struggled with I should know how to do it. And so once I saw health coaching, it was like, Well, that there's my avenue. There's the way I can do. I've always been so passionate about, so Yeah,

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well, we're definitely going to talk a lot about that. But I want to be wined and kind of start from the beginning of your wellness journal. When did that start? When did you realize? OK, this is disordered a talking all about that.

spk_1:   6:30
So it honestly starts in the sixth grade, which is young, right? I mean, that was when I first learned that there was a right and wrong way to have a body. Um, I have a memory of this plot is DVD set. There was Windsor. Pilate is and I think that's the first memory I have of having a distinct message of before and after, you know. And it was like the before was so shameful. And God forbid, you ever looked like that. And the after was this perfect. She's happy and successful and you know all of that. And and so that's the first time I can, like, pinpoint, you know, having that really in my face in the seventh grade. Most Well, that's when that was the youngest you could be to go to the gym, started going to the gym at age 12.

spk_0:   7:13
We I did not know that for at

spk_1:   7:16
least are at our rec center, Arctic Neighborhood

spk_0:   7:19
Center. It is really

spk_1:   7:20
young, right to 12 years old. You could be in, like, the weight room. Yeah, that apparent exactly by yourself. So

spk_0:   7:27
I remember going on the elliptical 12 years old. I e even think about what? How little 12 year olds are there really little right? You I forget

spk_1:   7:41
that 12 year olds are their Children.

spk_0:   7:44
You know that feeling you get

spk_1:   7:45
sometimes think they're older than than they are, but no, no, they're they're Children.

spk_0:   7:49
I would also go to the boot camp classes and this step aerobics classes. Like, why did someone, uh, kind of waver run flag like, Hey, why is there, like a

spk_1:   7:59
12 13 14 year old like in these classes? Their four year old?

spk_0:   8:03
Right? Right. I can't even speak. What did your mom say? My mom is amazing. Okay,

spk_1:   8:11
but just this thought I just enjoyed doing work

spk_0:   8:15
out. You know, it was like, great. You're in a healthy living, right? Didn't

spk_1:   8:18
think anything of it, you know, because I mean, I was ah, master of what I now call like the perfect girl persona was really good at it. I wanted everyone to think I had all everything together. I got the good grades active in school, like into help bitten. It's all that right. I wanted everyone to see that side of me. So I was really good at that role, playing that role. Something's kind of progress throughout high school. And then in college, I had studied abroad in Calabria, Italy, for a summer in between my freshman and sophomore years. And it was amazing. Um, but it was there that a I gained weight. I mean, hi. You're in Italy you're eating pasta today. I'm not really exercising it just,

spk_0:   9:04

spk_1:   9:04
know, like whatever you just That's fine. Um, it wasn't buying to me then, but it's fine, it's fine. And but I was also with some girls who were a little bit older. They're playing the seniors in college, and they were really, really big into fitness. And we're talking about, like, bikini contests and things like that. And so I think I had this weight gain and then I was kind of with them and hearing these messages and came home and was like, Oh, I gotta lose all this weight before I go back to school. You know, God forbid someone see me in this, you know, body size that I'm at and was also studying to become a group fitness instructors. I could get a job at our rec center called the Plex, and I distinctly remember thinking, I can't be a fitness instructor unless I look a certain way right. I can't go interview for a job and not have a six pack like that is not a pretty pre wreck, right for for teaching fitness classes. And so what, on this really extreme diet that was very disordered on. And that was the summer. I really became bulimic. And you resorted to those measures because I was so extreme with myself that any slip up, I just had thio like Fix it, Right So that progressed. And it was probably a year or so later, when I was home from college for a a family party was a pleasant holiday. I can't remember exactly which holiday it was, but my mom would always host parents. It hosts the parties always and these big parties right, fabulous food. Mom is an amazing cook. And that was parties were always really hard for me because all the food right and I just felt completely out of control around food. I was a binger. I mean, just it was very all or nothing, and I had really rigid rules that were easier stick to at school because I was by myself. But then when I'm home and all this food's around, it was just like I just felt completely out of control. You know, I just I yearn to have one like a normal relationship with food, but that just seemed completely impossible. So has sneak upstairs to like, go do my thing. And I had the first time I I went out. My sister and best friend noticed like, Well, why is Julie sneaking up? So

spk_0:   11:14
I was upstairs, so they didn't know

spk_1:   11:17
yet. But the first time that night that I had snuck up there, they got, they got curious. Could be a couple of Athens on the first floor of my house growing up. There's no reason for me to go. Got to go to the bathroom for any other reason at all, so that I had made some excuse and I'm not there again. And as I was coming out of the bathroom, they were right there on the other side of the door. And so that was that moment where just like cover was blown. You know that that perfect girl persona I had worked so hard to build up in an instant, I was just It was blown, but it's funny, cause, like thinking back because I thought about this a lot because I think this is a huge turning point, like in my journey in my story, I don't think it was very significant to them. I don't even know if they fully registered that I had just thrown up or that I had been throwing up and that would have been a thing that I was doing. But for me, it wa ce And for me, it was this moment of somebody else knows, right? Even if they didn't fully realize it was like shit. Like I My cover's blown. Someone else knows that I'm doing this awful thing to myself. And that was what I started to have that wake up call of, like, Okay, this isn't okay. This is not healthy. You are not healthy, Adal. And you gotta figure out what's really happening here. So

spk_0:   12:38
wow, how long were you doing that before that happened? Probably a year. And it wasn't so I never

spk_1:   12:48
even heard of. This is kind of crazy. That's just so telling. Normalized disorder behaviors are in our

spk_0:   12:53
culture. I didn't

spk_1:   12:55
even I would never have used the word believe make to describe myself until last year. What? Yeah, I had met up with, um a, uh, a local eating disorder, like their past counselor, a person who just moved to the area. And she was like, a one way we do similar work. Let's meet up and chat me each other so great. And she's fabulous. Now we're telling Taylor our stories and and she was Oh, yeah, you, you were believe, Nick. But I had never given myself that

spk_0:   13:24
title because I didn't do after

spk_1:   13:28
every meal but it. But it definitely was frequent enough. Um, evening after a meal is not okay,

spk_0:   13:36
right? But I had always

spk_1:   13:37
the justifications in my head like, Oh, well, I didn't do it enough to, like be believe, Mick. But, you know, if you throw up, that's that's what's happening, you know?

spk_0:   13:47
And I was able to

spk_1:   13:48
overcome on my own e think that was the main reason I never used the word believe Mick to describe myself because I was able to overcome on my own. But looking back, it's like, No, no, that's exactly what was happening. I mean, it was no doubt that that's where I waas,

spk_0:   14:03
right. You remember like, how did you get this idea in your mind? You remember a TV show you watched or like you just heard about it in school. Like, how is that the But yeah, we decided to do.

spk_1:   14:19
How did I learn to do that. Yeah, honestly, it was when I had visited my older brother in college, and I think it was that the first time I've ever drink alcohol. And here I was in high school and was, you know, hung over the next day, I was about to get in the car with my dad to drive home from Milwaukee. Thio, Akron, Ohio. And he was like, I was a damn. My stomach kills like I'm dying. He's like, just, like, throw up and you'll feel better. And so he didn't realize that he thought he was helping me. You know, he's like, I'll just take your finger Now it's, you know, just throw it up. You'll feel better. But that's how I learned that I could make myself throw up. And so, of course, he had Paws intentions of like, Oh, little sister's hungover for the first time ever. And she's to get in the car in drive home. Let's help her like, feel better. And he didn't realize, of course, How could he have realized that I would Then that's how I learned. But that was one option right, and that there was years between that moment and being believe making actually throwing out my meals right there. There was years between that. So it wasn't a direct, you know. Oh, I learned that when I started doing it. It was later on when I became so strict with my eating. And then when the structure you're eating, the more you binge. Now I know it's a very normal natural thing that happens on DSO. That's when you know I would have those binges I realize Oh, there is a quote solution. I know how to do that. So, yeah,

spk_0:   15:58
I am amazed that you were able to recover by yourself. What did that look like? Yeah, I am

spk_1:   16:06
too. Honestly, because I I think that true toe where I waas um And knowing what I know now about all of this, it blows me away that I was able to overcome them out and I would never tell anyone. Don't don't do it by yourself. I was too ashamed, Thio, tell anybody. But I also wasn't self aware enough to realize how bad it waas sitting. Both of those things kept me from asking for help. But on this I would say if you are doing this at all. Get help. Don't do it on your own. And it took me a long time. I probably started trying to overcome this at age like 20. Yeah. 20 police in my sophomore year in college and in for me, it meant getting again, like with the research. I got really nerdy about it. I was like, I want to figure out why I hate my body. Why? I struggle with food and I can remember. So I really use my major communication as a way to just get really curious about why I had these thoughts. Why I was so messed up in this way. And I remember reading books like self help books. That was so funny. I wouldn't read those just for myself. But God forbid, somewhat again, I was still trying to keep up this persona. No one could know. So

spk_0:   17:20
I would dio like research reports on these books. No, no, I'm is researching these books I love so that no one else would know that it was actually what books? I can't remember that there was There was a name

spk_1:   17:34
of the book. I could see it in my head and what it was about binge eating disorder. Because you know that I didn't even think I was believing I was Oh, I just binged. My problem is binging and I can't remember the title of it. But it was all about binging. And I remember reading it and I was like, Wow, she's telling my story. I really identified and I was really able to learn so much from that really helped me step back a lot. What's funny is that she what's yet? Yeah, the magazine I work at that summer. I

spk_0:   18:06
think she was guest authoring some pieces. She wasn't

spk_1:   18:09
there full time she was, and I ended up meeting her.

spk_0:   18:12
How cool I am meeting her. Her name was

spk_1:   18:14
Sonny. I do know that I do remember her name. Sonny got her last name. What has ended meeting her and was just like, Wow, you're her book was definitely a big pivot for me and then really dive into the research and learning how these messages impact us. I also got really into yoga That was super helpful. Really helps you get more reflective. It's also so I was teaching fitness classes. I was teaching cycling classes at the rec center. And I also noticed at that time, as I'm doing as I'm in this like self exploration, right, This is OK, look, let's figure this out. Yeah, and I was pretty good at stopping the throwing up. I was like, No, no, you can been like, if you binge, you gonna be okay with that. You can't. You cannot throw up anymore. And I just really made a hard stop. Like, get your shit together. You can't do this anymore. Like you need to just, you know. And so I just I was good about that somehow. Um, but at the rec center, You know, I was there all the time, teaching classes, personal training, doing all that kind of stuff. And I noticed that I would see all a lot of same girls there, Right? Going from class to class, spending hours at the plex, same girl that was the dining hall just having, like, chicken breasts and salads

spk_0:   19:32
just like me.

spk_1:   19:32
Right? And so that's also when I realized Oh, I'm not alone in this. This is not just a me thing. There are so many women who are also struggling in this exact way. I didn't need anyone to tell me that. It was just very apparent when I started just observing and kind of taking that that seat as as, like, your researcher and seeing was happening around me. And that was in a a wake up call of Oh, my God, I have been using Exercise is a punishment for my whole life everything. And this is all subconscious, right? It was until I had this wake up call of every time I went to the gym. It was a punishment. I was telling myself, You're not good enough and my body needed fixed. My body was shameful as it waas, you know, and again, none of that was conscious. But that's what that was playing in the background for sure. And so once I realized that I made it a golden mission to really change the way I saw movement now called movement, not even exercise or working out, because those other terms have a really bad connotation. For me, it's a no, I call movement, but so I it started so simple, and I

spk_0:   20:37
wouldn't even, like, recommend this exact thing to anybody because I mean another thing

spk_1:   20:41
wouldn't but like it was, I made a big leap. So I went from a place of really struggling in my body. Right, Thio, I made the decision to start going thio different classes and at the beginning of every class would have an intention, right? Like in yoga? They always what? Well, not always, but often offer a time right to set intention. And so every time I go to class, I just say to myself, I'm here to love my body and here tow it felt so far away.

spk_0:   21:09
That's what I'm saying. Like, I

spk_1:   21:10
don't necessarily recommend that mantra. Like from the very start, it might feel just way too distant, but it didn't feel really distant to me. I didn't believe it at first, you know, by Major to center myself in that intention and that that reason and purpose for being there. And when you do that every time you show up and you just really change that script in your head over time, it really does, you know, shift your thought process, right? I'm really looking at Maybe my body is for all these beautiful positive reasons Are so many amazing reasons. Thio to move that have nothing to dio with the weight loss or trying to change the way that your body looks. You know, just it feels good working out, stress, having fun, you know, strengthening Sze. You can live a long, fabulous life. There's all these wonderful reasons for moving that has nothing to do with with changing our bodies. And so I started to really focus on those things. And as I was trying to overcome this for myself, I guess I had seen all those other women around me that I knew were also struggling. And so in all of my classes I made that a really big part as well. So in my cycle classes I would use like that language. I would use the first long toe, encourage everybody to set that intention. And I would, you know, say things like throughout the calories, you know, really be clear on why we're here. What are you writing for? What matters to you, like using that kind of language in my glasses. And I think it helped to sales things out loud. It helps to kind of have this mission of I'm doing this for me and for others as humans were very altruistic. We actually really just care about others, which is really cool. And so when you can also make it about somebody else, it helps me a lot to also help myself. Just kind of a cool, you know, Full circle thing.

spk_0:   22:54
I actually have a similar intention that I used to say, I'm like, I want to get back to this But I do a lot of yoga as well. And every time before Shiva's know when we'd roll up in a bulb pose, I literally kiss my knees and say, I love you and it is so I feel like I've been brought tears. I truly, truly you want a

spk_1:   23:20
really powerful thing to dio in yoga. I have my class to this last week is anytime to your lie on your back. Just like place your hands on your belly with the intention of a loving touch. Because how many of us and I'm doing it right now for those of

spk_0:   23:37
you listening like but really looking like how

spk_1:   23:40
for someone like so much of my life, I would pinch and squeeze and pick and hate on my belly. And so now, too just, like, put my hand there like a little hug on dhe. Just feel that love and appreciate its appreciation and respect, like thank you, belly. And for

spk_0:   23:56
me, it

spk_1:   23:56
really started with Here's another thing that I did too. My belly was definitely a part that I always just hated. I was like, You belly, why won't you change when I want to be smaller? Um, and I would always feel worse. Like, right before getting in the shower, I'd see myself in the mirror, and so I knew that was the triggering time for me since I was like, Nope. Okay. I miss switch this script. It started with things like, Thank you for digesting my food. Only if I'm so grateful. I had the best time of my friends enjoying pizza. Join that beer. Whatever. Thank you so much, Belly. How wonderful to have this great life and you to be there for me. You know, it just started with, like, very basic the function. Thank you, Billy, For your function. Yes. You know, And and then now too like to have that loving touch of like, thank you for being my home. Thank you for all that you do for me. You know, it really changes things to really just touch in that way. It's It's powerful.

spk_0:   24:53
It's very rare. I feel like that we touch ourselves with intention, like different parts of our body, you know? So that is such a beautiful practice. Thank you for sharing that you have obviously done so much work on this. And it's very impressive. Very incredible. I'm curious. And maybe you have nothing. But do you ever get triggered now? And if so, what does

spk_1:   25:16
that look like? Oh, yes, of course. And yeah. I mean, at this point, I am a good almost nine years into this journey started when I was around 20. It's been, yes, but nine years. It's not linear, right? I mean, I thought I had grown so much. And then when I found intuitive eating, things really clicked for me. And that was kind of my last healing piece. Um, but yeah, well, we live in this culture that praises one body over another, right? We live in a culture that says thin is good. Fat is bad, then is healthy. That is not all. These really horrible messages are ingrained in us since we are Children and they're everywhere. And so it's in this kept tipping culture. You know, it's super easy to get trigger because it's everywhere. And when I work with clients, that's one thing that they all will come back. You know, a couple of questions in there like crap. I didn't realize just how potent it's messages. Everywhere I turn from at the gym, to my colleagues at work, to my friends or whatever. We don't even realize you know how every where it is until we're on the outside looking in. And oh, my God is everywhere. So, yeah, it's really easy to get trigger because it's everywhere. I think in those moments, my biggest practice is coming back to what I know to be true, that were all meant to come in different body shapes and sizes. It's as simple as that. I mean, it is love that is in the research, right? So it's why some people are skinny and say skinny, right? If by some people are fat and say fat, I don't say fat with any bad connotation at all, you know, it's so it we're all meant to come in these different body sizes. And so if I'm ever saying that, you know, gaining weight or having more fat is bad, that's just a form of discrimination and just getting really, really clear with what my beliefs, these false limiting program beliefs, um, his inner critic thoughts what they're actually saying and meaning and implying for not only me, but for all people. And so if I'm in that space of like oh my gosh and having a an inner critic thought about my body, I'm like, Wait a minute, I don't want to hold. That is true. I don't want to believe that I don't want to then discriminate against people in larger bodies. I don't want, you know, to buy into that narrative and contribute to the really damaging ideals of our society. And so that's That's truly how I combat it is. I notice it so much love and compassion that we're humans living in this world. So of course it's gonna happen and then fighting back with what I value it with with what I know to be true with who I want to be in this world.

spk_0:   28:02
If a client comes to you and they say I want to lose weight. And let's say that obviously, I don't even know I haven't been to the doctor's like the general doctor in a really long time. But I know that there's obviously that spectrum that they share that includes, like, Okay, you're probably I don't know if it's like normal size that they call it the Be on my way obese, like I don't even know what all of those different yeah, titles are. But let's say they're on the obese chart. How do you handle that? This is a great question. I'm so glad you asked it. So let's let's take this in two

spk_1:   28:41
parts. The first part is that most people want to lose weight because high again we live in this culture says if you lose weight, your unlocked the secrets to life

spk_0:   28:52
essentially right, you're gonna be happy and healthy and confident, successful, and you haven't fallen in love. That's the key to fall in love, right? Like were sold this narrative. So of course, we

spk_1:   29:03
all want that. So there's no judgment there. I mean, that's just a part of this culture. So absolutely zero judgment for those people, you know, I'll make sure that they really know what I do with intuitive eating. I'll describe how it is a weight neutral process, so that means that, you know, with intuitive eating, it's a 10 step process, evidence based process. Really. We could be more in touch with your body connected to your body so that eating becomes easy again and you can eat foods that make you feel good. Well, they're at the cheeseburger or a salad, you know, like we need different things, different moments, and there's no guilt or no shame. And it's just an easy pleasure of whole relationship with food and moving your body, Um, Emily respecting your body. And so I tell them I'm like, Listen, as you go through this and you start really showing up for yourself holistically, you know you're eating in the way that feels good. You're moving your body. You're arresting your managing stress. You're you're really taking care of yourself. Were interest that as you do that your body size it'll just end up where birds front end up s O. If you are meant to be a little bit smaller than okay, you might unintentionally lose weight. Okay, We're not gonna celebrate it because that the weight your body size itself doesn't matter All celebrate how you're showing up for yourself. But you gain weight. Yeah, If you're If you were a person like me who had restricted their whole lives disordered right, then your healthy place will mean weight gain, right? That's nothing for me. Whenever I get triggered, unlike my weight gain is my recovery. And even though I'm nine years out Hello, Right. That was It was a decade of restriction, you know? Not decorative. Believe me about a decade of restriction that's still disordered, right? So I'm seeing that weight gain as health as my recovery as something to celebrate and be proud of. You know, Um, so we trust that. Okay, if you're gonna be smaller, cool, like, great, your men should gain weight. Great. Like, or you might just say the same, right? And so that's why what we mean by my weight neutral is that we're in trust, as you really show it for yourself. Whatever happens to your body size along the way, it doesn't matter that much, you know, And that's really supported by by the research which

spk_0:   31:22
brings you to the other

spk_1:   31:23
part of this another great party or question. So what if someone is quote obese and they come to you like the new I need to lose weight for health reasons. So let's first talk about being my skill.

spk_0:   31:34
Oh, yeah, being my hero that out. I think the fact that it's still use and it is like and I don't blame doctors because

spk_1:   31:42
they have to follow a system so they have to They have to report be a mite insurance companies. So I don't blame doctors. I come from up on the medical family doctors. They're wonderful people. If you are like in med school, wherever you are badass, like that is hard. Like go you. I don't blame doctors, Okay? I blame the system. I blame diet culture that has infiltrated and taught us this old paradigm. So being eyes bullshit, let's talk

spk_0:   32:07
about why it was created by an astronomer. It was not ever

spk_1:   32:11
meant to be to be used in medical settings ever.

spk_0:   32:14
What? Yeah, it was just created

spk_1:   32:15
by an astronomer study. You know, gravity and mass and yeah is not is literally not meant to be using metal floating. It's Not only that, but then when they were choosing their ranges to classify us as underweight or normal weight or overweight or whatever, those ranges were heavily influenced by the two pharmaceutical companies who had the only weight loss drugs on the market. So they obviously had the motive of I want to sell more drugs. So let's make people think that they actually need to lose weight. So we sell more of his weight loss drugs, Yeah, living that. It's like the n I H. The World Health Organization. They all were like all the others. Actually, they knew there wasn't the research to back up having those weights being where they are. So that just kind of gives you more like this is total bullshit. Maybe even more than that, when you actually look at, like, largest nationally representative studies in the United States. The people that are in the quote overweight or quote moderately obese categories live at least as long or longer than people in the normal weight categories. So it's just like so what we're really seeing in the research is that wait is a very poor indicator of health. Now, things like moving your body that actually is correlated with living longer life. So you has moving your body. Great maps of freaking lutely. It ISS, you know, is how you take care of yourself. You could be, you know, good for your health. Yes, but I know plenty of people in this gets to set point wait theory, which basically says that we all have a different set point. So when I said earlier, they were all men to come in different sizes. Point wait. Theory supports that. So it says, Hey, every different person has a genetic set point range that their body wants to stay within. Could be like a 15 20 ish pound range. And your body was just like you regulate temperature, right? We sweat when we're hot. We should hear what When we're cold. Our bodies also want to regulate our weight because that's where it's naturally healthiest. So your body is like, Yeah, this is my range. This is where I'm happiest. This is where I want to stay. And it would do that except that we all try to manipulate it, right, Because we're told Oh, but no, you're overweight or you're obese like you need to lose weight when actually you're probably in your natural, healthy set point wait ranch. So what then happens? You lose the weight and the way it comes back, and that's not our fault. We didn't fail. The weight came back because you had below below your set point range. And now your body's like, uh, no, no, you're not supposed to be down there. You need to get back up here and our biology is so smart. Our bodies are so smart that we will gain the weight back. That's why would me diet things like cravings get, get, get ramped up right? We think about food more come up, assassin food because our bodies not getting enough food, our metabolism slows down the store more fat because your body's think that word famine that we are in starvation. So our bodies air just trying to protect us. So then So that's why 95% of people to 98% regain weight after a diet on Ben. 60% regained more than they started with because your body again, but you were in a famine, so it's like,

spk_0:   35:26
Oh, I'm getting food again. I

spk_1:   35:27
better store more on this as fat to protect myself if this ever happens again. And that's where we can really mess up our set point and then bump it up higher because our bodies were trying to protect us.

spk_0:   35:41
So all this to say all of this

spk_1:   35:44
is, say, and someone comes for any medical reason being like I need to lose weight. The answer to that is simply there is actually not a single proven way to safely reduce your weight and have it stay off, period. There's not. There's not a single long term medical studies. Show it any diet or lifestyle change or planner protocol. What do you want to call it? Is long term sustainable? And that actually intentional eight loss just leads to weight cycling. So that weight loss and then they regain. And it's the weight cycling that were really being seen in the research Thio to lead to things like heart disease and diabetes and all these different issues that we blame on weight itself.

spk_0:   36:28
I love all I can really use a little researcher and I am obsessed. This is all so so, so good. Thank you Seriously so much. Yeah. I mean, I feel like just looking at your measurements, like getting a blood task and then use those sister, right? Right. I have so many

spk_1:   36:53
clients to tell me They're like, Yeah, I go to the doctor and my blood pressure is great. My cholesterol's great. All my things are great, But the doctor tells me to lose weight. Why I I'm healthy and it's and again they mean Well, they really d'oh! I don't blame them. They're trained in that way. I get it. But weight loss intentionally lost will only actually hurt you. It's it's actually linked to higher morbidity mortality rates,

spk_0:   37:21
I believe. Yeah, all that Joe Leo, right? Absolutely. Dress. Having stress around food and guilt around food. We're in this age where

spk_1:   37:33
information is that this new like hot thing, right? It's like, Oh, God, like eat these foods like combat information will stress

spk_0:   37:41
stresses, like one of the biggest probably number one. I wasn't exactly

spk_1:   37:47
slow. If you stress out about what you're eating, you're causing inflammation. It's a simple is that

spk_0:   37:53
Oh, my God. Wow. Okay, so now that we know all of this, how do we change our mentality that we can embrace the size that we were given. Yes, it is

spk_1:   38:07
a process, and I don't want anyone to think it's an ever like an overnight process. I mean, I spend a good six months to a year with credit with clients on this work, right, and that's still with the foundation. You know, it takes time to re program our brains, but we can do that. We actually can reprogram our brains. Um, it's why I am now at the heaviest I've ever been and that the most peace with my body, the most confident, healthy and happiest I've ever been right because I have been able to re program. Um, and I think that also shows you It's a really good example. I've had so many clients have the same experience. It's not about our body size, like we think that confidence and feeling good in our skin is about how, like health and we are what our body sizes. But I have so many examples of me, my own clients who have been in smaller bodies, and when we were in smaller bodies, we still hated our bodies, right? So that's a really good example of, like home a guy's not actually about the body, you know, it's just it's fascinating. So there is, you know, the process of intuitive eating. It is a 10 step process that actually helps you to get to this place of first just relearning how to listen to and trust your body again. Because we lose that with diet culture, with all these rules that we have around food. Oh, eat at this time and not at that time this much, not that much it needs. Food is not not not those foods, right? There's so much out there about all these rules that were taken away from our internal mechanisms that will just tell us what to eat when they eat how much she It's easy. And so we were able to relearn that process of being able to listen to entrust our bodies again. We we gain this trust and respect and appreciation for our bodies. And when we talk about body image work, I think it's really important to know. And there's a lot that we unpack. That I do it with my clients is a lot to unpack of what

spk_0:   40:01
we attaching

spk_1:   40:01
to this body size right? And is it really the body size that that will bring those things to you. Well, spoiler alert. No, the body size won't bring those things to you. We can be happy and confident and like their best Selves right now in the in this moment in that body, it does take work to get there. But yes, we can do it. But the thing about body image is that we all think Oh, toe love my body. I had the love the way it looks, you know, to to feel happy and confident. Always think that the love, the way I look and what I say

spk_0:   40:33
that is OK, it's great if you look

spk_1:   40:35
in the mirror and you love the way you look like. That's awesome. Go you. But that doesn't even actually need to be a part of loving your body and having a good body. Imagine having a good relationship with your body. You don't have to look at me and be like Hi. Look great. If you don't, it doesn't have to be a part of it. What matters is that even if we don't love the way that we look for whatever reason that we still have this deeper. Knowing of my body is good because it's my home because of my body has been there for me my entire life. When I get sick, it heals. We've ever broken a bone. It men's our heartbeats. Got us even asking it to beat. We breathe that even thinking about breathing, right? We died US food we do. All these things are happening in our bodies that we don't even has women. If you have

spk_0:   41:26
only one dash Yes. Do we tell our bodies what to d'oh? We're not like okay? And now you're gonna grow like this bone like our body. Just do it. Oh, my God. And like just stopping to soak that in the holy shit, Our bodies air breaking. Amazing. And so it's not even about how

spk_1:   41:44
they look. It's about this deep appreciation for what our bodies do for us every day and really right there, I say loving your body and what that means to

spk_0:   41:57
me. Love is an act. So it's How are you treating your body? What are you

spk_1:   42:03
saying to your body, right? What's this relationship you have with your body?

spk_0:   42:08
So I think about

spk_1:   42:09
my relationship with my husband, for instance.

spk_0:   42:12
We can all

spk_1:   42:12
agree if you're very shallow relationship. If I just loved him for the way that

spk_0:   42:16
he looked. So he's a Q T Okay, I think he's adorable, but like that's not

spk_1:   42:23
a good basis for a relationship, right? I mean, it's got to be deeper than that. I think we can all agree

spk_0:   42:29
on that, right. Same thing

spk_1:   42:31
with your body that that how that your body looks. How your partner looks is the least important part of that relationship, right? It's who you are. It's what the person does for you. It's that relationship that trust, the respect, the appreciation for for one another. Same with your body, right? So moving my body is me loving my body. Write me eating foods that make me feel good Even a cheeseburger pizza That's me loving my body, right? Going to acupuncture is loving my body. Sleeping in is loving my body, so taking a shower is you know, it is a little like things that's loving my body, you know, And so it's just seeing these waves. Going to the doctor

spk_0:   43:12
is loving my body, you

spk_1:   43:14
know, listening to my body and simply eating when I notice I'm hungry,

spk_0:   43:18
is loving my body. Drinking when I'm

spk_1:   43:20
thirsty is loving my body. These very simple things are loving our bodies on, but I think it really is a conversation of redefining what it means to love your body.

spk_0:   43:31
How did you learn that? I

spk_1:   43:34
guess just years of being in this field of work and through my own journey through mentors, through people I've looked up to through books, through research through like every every different way.

spk_0:   43:49
What are the resources that we can give girls Because I love out eating piece again. We have, ah, podcast. I'll definitely link up about that. So I think that that is huge. And that has obviously been so crucial for you. But like, yeah, you are also talking about so much more that I definitely want to share specifics on. Yeah, so one of my favorite new books is called Anti Diet. Someone recommend It's phenomenal because it really doesn't busts open diet culture. And I do think what

spk_1:   44:18
people struggle with which off course we struggle with. This is a lot of the were so ingrained in this way of thinking of oh, but no weight gain is bad. It means that it's really hard to re program that. And this book is so good because it gives you so much research and reading yours like Holy holy shit, right? It's just like my truck After Mike Drop after might drop. It's so good. I just love Christie, Harris said. Her podcast is great food Psych So and today it's a great book. The book Body Positive Power by Meghan Jane Crabby. If I'm saying her last name right, I don't know she's body Posy Panda on Instagram. Okay, but that's a great book. I love it. It's one of the ones I think that's really, really engaging. I give that book to a lot of my clients now. I started doing get a diet, too, because it's greats, brand new. I love body positive power. That's a fantastic one. Instagram me, then right?

spk_0:   45:12
You can use

spk_1:   45:13
Instagram for good. So where Yes, social media can be so harmful at the same time on

spk_0:   45:19
Instagram, like we decide who we follow. So let's take the power

spk_1:   45:23
back and follow people who are actually really, really empowering people who are sharing intuitive eating or a health every size or body positive message, even falling people who are all different body shapes and sizes. That's huge. And from a research standpoint, right? I mean, think about what? I grew

spk_0:   45:39
up. I only saw one type of

spk_1:   45:41
body, right? It was Paris Hilton. Nicole Richie was this right? And that

spk_0:   45:45
that's all I saw. So no wonder I thought my body was wrong. I didn't see bigger bodies. No wonder people are bigger. Bite is in me of how

spk_1:   45:52
their bodies were wrong because they didn't see their bodies represented. And so we can use social media. You can use Instagram to fill your feet with all different bodies so we can see Oh, yeah, these are all. Of course. We're all into common different bodies.

spk_0:   46:07
Look at all these

spk_1:   46:08
body shapes and sizes. They're all normal. They're all wonderful. They all house fabulous human beings, right? And that's honestly, really helpful. So using instagram using podcast using books. Um, what else? I mean, I think, you know, coaching programs are if you're really serious about this work, truly I know I'm saying that as a coach, but like, coaching programs are huge, and that's just gonna be the difference maker like yes, you can do is work on your own, but it just doesn't take a whole lot longer.

spk_0:   46:38
I 100% agree.

spk_1:   46:40
Yeah, I wish I didn't know coaching existed when I was in college. Graduate school, you know, had I? Holy crap. I'm gonna put me on the fast track now. I got to worry, and that's great. But it took me a long time.

spk_0:   46:52
Yeah, right. A lot of work and master degree and like all these things. But you

spk_1:   46:57
don't have to get your master's degree to overcome your

spk_0:   46:59
body struggles. That's what I did. It's crazy that you say that because I was literally thinking about this yesterday, just thinking about how there's so much noise everywhere and there's so much information. It's great. But if you have a specific goal in mind, whatever that is, whether that is with functional medicine, whether that is with mental wellness, whether that is with your body image, you know, it's like go to a professional. Yes, the weather is freaking coding. A website. It's trying to use my own u Penn right? Only, but it's gonna take so much more time.

spk_1:   47:38
Time? Yeah, it just way harder. Just like do yourself. Do yourself the favor. Like might have cost a little bit more. Yeah, but let's just invest And then you put it on the fast track and boom like you're good. But I mean, seriously, I wish that everyone knew the power of coaching and of these programs. And like self help and all these things, it's just

spk_0:   48:03
Oh, I completely agree. Game changer. Name Shea. And I love what you said about taking your power back. Everyone causes more guests, go on your phone and literally delete anyone on instagram that is giving you any sort of negative feelings of. And I love the idea of following people of all different shapes and sizes. Who would you recommend? That we follow? What are like five instagram accounts that Oh, maybe a massive, great

spk_1:   48:32
question. Okay, let's see if I can like, think of them off the top of my head. Christy here said Berkshire. She's the author of anti diet body posit Panda Hirscher. She's fabulous. Shira Rose, I love her. Um, let me open my instrument because that's gonna be really help Books are there so many that I reposed all the time I'm new moon r d I love her. Who intuitive already? She's fabulous. Kristen Ackerman is her name. I love her a lot. Uh oh. I gotta put out my girl stuffs drab.

spk_0:   49:05
Oh, speaking of okay. Yes. Let me just, like, take a moment. So staff is my podcast

spk_1:   49:10
co host and Steph is, uh, because you called herself goddess photographer was a body positive photographer. So I was just slide my fill in your ways You can see I'm talking about

spk_0:   49:20
Well, I saw her, okay? And yes, I could I saw also your post at all. Yeah. The show notes about you getting the photography from her S O. So Steph, account is

spk_1:   49:33
amazing because again it talking about representation. You see all the bodies that are photographed and celebrated on her page. So that's a really, really beautiful one to follow, because there's something about seeing all these different body shapes photographed in this way where they truly are celebrated. You know all the different types because, really, what? This is all about it saying that there's not one right way to have a body, that there's not one body tight that's better than another right. Let's be super inclusive and realize that, like, home into common these different shapes and therefore they're all good right now who we are as human beings matters way more than what it is we look like on the outside.

spk_0:   50:16
Absolutely. It seems like you've been with your husband for a while. Is that correct? Yeah. Seven years, almost not married.

spk_1:   50:24
Married for just a year, but together for seven

spk_0:   50:26
years. That's an S o. I'm sure he has seen you evolved. I love to hear what that has been like. Yeah. So when we first

spk_1:   50:34
started dating, I had definitely overcome a lot, but because I thought dating, I met him. Moody Columbus him a week later on. So I was fresh out of college, and I remember at least that BC it was very much. And ask your sister if it's still like hook up culture was definitely hook up culture,

spk_0:   50:51
I'm sure. And that might

spk_1:   50:52
be everywhere. I don't know. Um, so I remember meeting him and he asked me to go on a date, and I was like,

spk_0:   50:59
Oh, God, I got a date. You know, it was just like that exists. It was blown away. He's

spk_1:   51:05
two years older than me. Anyways, that was like a funny thing. My friends were like, What? A date? You're getting dinner

spk_0:   51:12
like people do. Oh, my God. It was like, Wow, revolutionary.

spk_1:   51:17
I had come a long way, but I was still at that point pretty new in two years into, like, this new journey with with my body. And we're going on dates and we're, you know, eating pizza. And one thing I didn't say that I think is important is I have this. And this was before I found intuitive eating. I knew in me just organically, intuitively that for

spk_0:   51:39
me to

spk_1:   51:39
be healthy, I had to be able to go out and eat pizza or eat a cheeseburger and enjoy it. No guilt, no shame, no stress, no working out extra, no fasting, no feeling bad about it at all. No one being bad. Say none of that, right? I need to be able to go out, eat it, enjoy it. Don't not ruminate none of it. And so I had known that I was trying to get there right, And that's a process of letting go of that guilt and shame and So here I am dating and we're course Grant to dinner. Like eating pizza. What? What is this? And then I got injured. I hadn't overuse injury

spk_0:   52:19
way. I totally saw that. Yes, I just posted

spk_1:   52:22
about it. Yeah, so? So I had. And I remember that run specifically. Um, yeah. So get injured and I can't work out. And that was a huge gift. Honestly, that was again. Universe had my back because then I learned firsthand that Oh, my God, I won't implode if I'm eating pizza and not working out. I'm not getting my health won't totally fail. I'm not gonna all of a sudden becoming healthier. Unfit, or I'm not gonna gain a £1,000,000 like I'm fine. Like I am fine. It really took a injury. Me to learn that lesson of like, Hey, you're gonna be okay. It's really it's really okay. So that was all happening, as as we're dating and all of that. And he was really one of the first people that I ever told about my eating disorder at that point. But you're my sister and best friend. Kind of new, but I didn't go back and talk to them or about it after that, That moment in college. So he was one of the first people I ever really opened up to about it. And it was because he was telling me a story about this asshole, the guy who made this really awful comment about this girl's body. And I was just like I lost it. I was like, Nope, No, like that is not okay. And I just like Floodgates opened and he's just been like my biggest supporter and just believed in me and all these different ways. And yeah, he's seen me grow so much and changed so much over the course of of the seven years together. It's kind of crazy toe. Think back to it all. And I remember this is probably only even three and 1/2 years ago. It would be the point of summer. Before I started my business with coaching, when I was actually gonna go on Instagram for the first time and write about throwing up. I had never done that. I talked about, you know, having a heart relationship with my body that I never specifically talked about. You know what I did? And I remember feeling like I needed to. Like, I just felt like people need to hear this. There's people out there who will resonate, and it will help them, you know? And so I needed to share this. And I remember, like, passing him the phone. I was like, You need to read this. Should I share it? I'm freaking out, you know? And he's a guess. Like I got you. You're here. And so that was remember, like, crying as I pressed, like post. That was huge for me, but it's also big Burn a brown van,

spk_0:   54:58
Right? That was a huge piece because it was so It was still so shameful that I've never done that

spk_1:   55:07
because I had kept it so secret. I mean, my mom didn't even know until then. Wow. And she was like, What? The f Julie

spk_0:   55:19
like, Are you kidding me? How? She didn't even believe me

spk_1:   55:22
at first. Not from you, Not from a bad place. But she was just like I guess I was so good at my persona. I was so good at, like putting up a front that, like she had no idea. It was just like, oh my She was distraught she's like, How did I not see this? No, this is don't blame yourself. I was really good. I was really good at acting. But I was so dumb. I don't you dare blame yourself for any of this. Like I was really, really, really good at. Yeah, I'll never forget that moment. And, yeah, as soon as I started to just talking about it, the shame went away to play We're now and talk to you about it. I'm like, Oh, yeah, it's whatever.

spk_0:   56:01
But like a lot of time

spk_1:   56:02
still also cry when I talk about about it. So it's it's it's wild How? Yeah, When you actually talk about these things, it's the shame goes away until you're just like yeah, you know, that's just happened to me. It's I did that and grace and love and compassion And well, you know, it is what it iss I'm absolutely party story. Yeah, totally

spk_0:   56:26
through your entire journey. What do you think has been the hardest habit to break limiting thought pattern. And then how did you do it?

spk_1:   56:37
Oh, what a good question. What? I could probably So they have been so much and especially over the past few years getting really big. And I love, like manifestation and mindset working all of that. But if I'm gonna be your super on, it's probably the hardest one to break. Was was looking at my body and and just not liking it and seeing fat on my body and thinking you right friends, being being super honest, like it's probably about it's probably the hardest to get over harder than other things. Just wild to think about that. That would be harder than than than getting over thoughts of like, Oh, you don't deserve you know, a B and C. But no, I think it was those because it was so programmed, of so programmed that you have to look this specific way to be valuable, to be worthy, to be seen, to be beautiful, to fall in love, to be successful, you know, and and that shows my whole journey right? That's why I went on the whole path. I did because I was so programmed was so desperate for those things. So that was nothing the hardest one to overcome and yeah, I mean, I overcame it in the ways that we've talked about already. But that that was the death of an artist. Do

spk_0:   57:54
you have any journaling practices? Tell me. I love journaling.

spk_1:   57:59
Yes, Journaling is fabulous. My favorite way to journal. So I mean, obviously, if I'm never going through crap, right, just letting it out, having it, having it have a home toe, T Adami and breathe. But my favorite, actually, the journal is I'm a big yeah. Mindset junkie. Love, manifestation. Love all of that. It's my favorite way to journal. They have, ah, little morning ritual that I do. I meditate, love using APS from for meditation that, like, really helped seal my practice. Still abusing them. It just feels so great. Well, usually do that. And then all the journal and a favorite favorite way to journal. So visualization is a really powerful technique, right? To visualize what it is you desire me visualize how you feel. But you say you're trying really detailed. That's a great, great, super powerful practice for whatever it is you want in your life. I even have clients who, for instance, I want to go to yoga for the first time. They're freaked out there scared. And so we go through his practice okay, just visualized going to class. You open the door, you enter and you put your place for your Mattie like, step by step A really detailed or clients who are going to the beach and freaked out about pre awesome suit. You know, you can do it for for those things to okay, visualize how you how you want to feel. What are you doing? And focusing on and, you know, is a really walking through that idea over and over again. Your your brain feels like you've already done it. And then when you actually do it, you're like, Oh, yeah, that was so easy. So really, really cool technique for many things. Things you want to invite into your life. You're like, Oh, I want Theo. I want to start this business. So I wanna get this promotion or this interview or whatever it is. But sometimes that can be really hard, because that is a form of meditation, right? Because to do that, you could be so focused on this one, like it's like you're cream a movie in your mind, and it can be really easy for us because we're humans to get distracted, right so really fun practices to use a journal to do it in a journal way and the way I do it, because it's this is a powerful way of manifesting as you write it, as though it's already been done. So all often go in my journal and this is it. I don't just every day, but like I do it frequently, at least once a month. At least. At least now I'll go in. I put a date at the top of the data is and then, like a safe date, like a month out, our three months out or whatever it is a year out and say, I'm so happy and grateful that and I start writing What what had happened? Like running the story? Oh my gosh, everything makes sense now, like this happened in this happen. And here I am, and this is going on. It's so amazing, and you want to really feel into the energy of like that story that you're writing down just like you wouldn't your mind like visualizing it. But on paper and it's so it's fun. It makes you feel so good to get all excited, and it's just a really powerful, powerful practice to bring things into your life,

spk_0:   1:0:45
Whatever it is. Love that so much. And then do you read it? Every day is just a one and done. You can now, and you're totally read it every day.

spk_1:   1:0:54
I don't I think I put it in there and then I surrender and dress somebody,

spk_0:   1:1:00
right? What's gonna happen, right? I'm like, whenever it's

spk_1:   1:1:03
meant to happen, it will, as my coach always told me like, it's it's this or something better.

spk_0:   1:1:08
Oh, Loach. Is that really helped me with that? Says that maybe, maybe, yeah. I love

spk_1:   1:1:17
Abby Bernstein. Maybe Jensen Jiro, I don't know,

spk_0:   1:1:19
but I love that thing better. And I learned that last

spk_1:   1:1:25
year in our house hunt, Like for sure it is a trusting right. When you're in these processes in life that are so out of your hands, we

spk_0:   1:1:35
can drive ourselves crazy

spk_1:   1:1:37
over trying to control things.

spk_0:   1:1:39
I mean me for sure. Yeah. So they can you trust

spk_1:   1:1:44
that? It's what you desire. Even better

spk_0:   1:1:48
my job like Yeah, yeah, yeah. Thank you so much for that. So the last question that I have for you is what has been something that you've been working on internally or externally these past, let's say three months, something new that's kind of been bubbling up.

spk_1:   1:2:12
Something new is the bubbling up. Have been working on the past three months. Great question, I think for for me and where I'm at right now in life and in my business, I'm really looking at growing and expanding right on this mission of like, how many women can I possibly impacted, like share this message with, like, as possible? And so with that, comes a lot of of this inner work of deserve ability, you know? And I think the biggest thing, though, probably is as I launched my podcast and all these types of things, it's being seen and being heard in a bigger way and being a really, deeply, profoundly okay with the fact that people will some people will judge Wright that I'm not for everybody, that the bigger net I have like, there will be more critics there, you know. And, uh, that's okay, right? That it's like what? It can feel really dangerous, like Oh, God, you know, this is scary and unknown, and, you know, what might this person family will you just have to know that you're not there for everybody? You know that. Like I'm not there for everyone. Not ever gonna hear my message and be like I

spk_0:   1:3:32
love her. She's great. I want a worker there

spk_1:   1:3:34
or whatever I love she's doing. There are many people who disagree who don't like me who, whatever. And just knowing that that's okay. It doesn't mean anything about me. It's just that I'm not I'm not for them and really, really, really myself in into that. And because, man, you start doing things like Facebook ads on Instagram out of things like that.

spk_0:   1:4:01
Oh, you put yourself out

spk_1:   1:4:03
there and it can be so scary ing on. So it's always saying I'm saying, rooted in that truth of like, it's okay, you you are good enough to be seen and heard you, You know what I mean? Like that. That that piece of it too. It's like who a lot there. But

spk_0:   1:4:18
that's doing It s so good and you are doing it honestly. You are an incredible speaker, so I cannot wait for everyone to listen. This podcast and I just want you to do more things with the charge community because I really love your story. And I love everything that you had to say.

spk_1:   1:4:36
Thank you so well. I love charge and what you all are doing. Especially because it was for me in college when you know things got worse and then got better, right? It was college really shaped my entire journey. I feel like that shaped who I am today. And so I especially just love doing things with college aged women.

spk_0:   1:4:58
Little time it really

spk_1:   1:5:00
is. It's a pivotal time. And oh, there's so much good that weaken. D'oh!

spk_0:   1:5:06
Mmm. So let's end with a couple rapid fire. Personal questions. One word to describe you. Energetic theme alien like to meet Brenda Brown workout that you want to try boxing. I love that documentary. Every charge girl should watch. Taylor Swift Document. Theo. Second, I let in my hand You guys, I'm assuming everyone has watched this. But if you have it and even if you're not a Taylor Swift fan, watch it right now. It is literally so good, so inspiring. I have so much respect for her. Oh, my God. It covered every evening, covered some some body stuff. It was wholly around. I watched it twice. I made my husband. I want him. And I'm like, No, no, you need to watch

spk_1:   1:6:01
this. This is important. You need to, like, empathize with, like her as a female with all the things that she had to go

spk_0:   1:6:07
through. Oh, really? Watch it again. It's fine. Love burns casual. It is such a good rack. Oh, my gosh. Yes. What is the most out their wellness trend that you've tried? Um

spk_1:   1:6:23
oh, um I mean, I don't consider out there, but I feel like people might I love Ricky.

spk_0:   1:6:31
Oh, I have someone in Columbus say, Oh, my God, I was just with her Nina voice.

spk_1:   1:6:37
Her instagram is at nourished with Nina. She's also a badass. Ah, hormone coach. She's changed my life like I love her. She's amazing, but her Ricky especially, and

spk_0:   1:6:47
shake it all to do over the phone. Do you could be compete anywhere

spk_1:   1:6:50
and do Ricky, but her Ricky and person especially, is awesome.

spk_0:   1:6:54
I don't consider it out there, but I'm like I'm coming out there. Yes, with like I love like you. I'm sure I love Ricky and you know, things like that so I'm letting in a contact her after this podcast. You Can I come in so good over. Gosh, I love it's okay. Three staples in your

spk_1:   1:7:12
kitchen threes, tables in my kitchen, Eggs, bread and seltzer.

spk_0:   1:7:22
Favorite restaurant in Columbus Restaurant in Columbus. Oh,

spk_1:   1:7:26
that's so hard because there are so many good ones. Okay, North Star,

spk_0:   1:7:33
I know you're gonna say that. I mean, it's It's just really amazing about favorite new restaurant favorite Woodhouse. I'm not even vegan. I'm not begin. And so I think that says a lot. It's incredible. They have a

spk_1:   1:7:48
grilled cheese a head last night, so it's super top of mind. But I had a grilled cheese that had Caesar salad on the grilled cheese, and it was phenomenal. It was like one of the best. Honestly, it was so good. It was

spk_0:   1:8:00
I need to go good know much. It's so funny because I just interviewed Simi. Yeah, she mentioned, and we were talking about veganism a little bit, and she's like, Well, now I'm mentioning, like all these vegan restaurants so good. It was so funny. So Okay, everyone in Columbus needs to go there clearly. Oh, another one that I

spk_1:   1:8:20
will say Thio, it's new to Columbus. It's from like my hometown days. Cosmic subs.

spk_0:   1:8:26
What is your next adventure? Next adventure. I'm goingto Ireland. I'm really Yeah,

spk_1:   1:8:32
my friend always said She's like, I'm gonna do my 35th birthday in Ireland, like for a couple of years now and now it's coming and I'm like, Hell, yeah, I'm going. I'm going by myself because the husband is setting for a big exam that's like that time of year so he can't he can't go. And so I'm like, Oh my God, I very traveled internationally by myself.

spk_0:   1:8:50
Oh, cool. I just It'll be an adventure. When I was told

spk_1:   1:8:54
by myself, like in Munich this past year, that was

spk_0:   1:8:57
definitely a beauty. My husband was there

spk_1:   1:8:59
for a bachelor party, but I couldn't be anywhere near them because bachelor party rules, whatever had a great time

spk_0:   1:9:07
that just do it like go yourself,

spk_1:   1:9:10
do shit. It's so fun. I

spk_0:   1:9:11
had the time of

spk_1:   1:9:12
my life in my journal drinking beer with the British cricket team. It was so fine. It was the most fun. Seriously, so just do you

spk_0:   1:9:21
Oh, I love that. Okay, last question. What does being hashtag in charge me nto I like

spk_1:   1:9:32
that. Being hashtag in charge means that you are in charge of yourself and your destiny and who you want to be in this world and that you're actually living for yourself, for what you love in line with your intuition and you're not living is to please other people.

spk_0:   1:9:49
Yeah, you are a gigawatt. Dobbs also, you are amazing. Julie. Oh, my gosh. Thank you so much for being here for having me shout yourself out. Where could girls learn more about you? So my instagram is

spk_1:   1:10:03
buying my main place. So it's just at julie dot ohlemacher website is Giulio marker dot com. Uh, podcast is the

spk_0:   1:10:11
babe's meant. It says at the babes that pot on instagram perfect. And then you are accepting clients right now?

spk_1:   1:10:18
Yes. So I have some openings for private clients. Gonna have an ongoing group program called the Diet Detox 1 80 that is always open for enrollment. And that's a really amazing program that involves group coaching a Facebook group online course. It's awesome.

spk_0:   1:10:33
Oh, my gosh. Well, we will put everything in the show notes for sure. And you guys definitely check it out. Thank you so much. Julie. Thank you so much for having me so so much fun. And I will talk to guys next week. Bye. Charged girls. Good morning. Yes, I'm talking to you. Was time to get charged up Because these days you knew This guy says hi. Hands bluer than blue with the sun shining and all the birds chirping to two day is the best day to be alive The vehicles appear once you open up your eyes Surprise time to keep living the dream So get up Enjoy the rest of your charge Tain, huh?