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It Takes You

Tannya Bernadette

This podcast is about finding beauty in everything, from simple moments to challenges, and learning to lean into the parts of your life that need your attention. By the end of each episode, you will feel empowered to live your life in the best way possible with what you have right now.Get ready for a vibe that feels like you’re hanging with your bestie: you’ll get tons of encouragement and truth bombs. I’m Tannya Bernadette, a thriving mama, Latina business owner, spiritual junkie, and personal stylist who is here to have conversations that get to the core of “How’d you do that?” and “How are you living that life?”I believe it takes showing up again and again to get what you desire. I want to shine light on topics I’m curious about. Everything from business, life, parenting, health and more.This is the It Takes You podcast.
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