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The Armor Men's Health Hour

Dr. Sandeep Mistry and Donna Lee

The Armor Men's Health Hour with hosts Dr. Sandeep Mistry and Donna Lee is a weekly show covering a multitude of medical topics important to men. Dr. Mistry is a Board Certified Urologist and will be discussing topics such as erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, testosterone therapy, fertility, kidney stones, vasectomies and so much more. Their holistic approach to men's health that includes nutrition, weight loss, sleep health, sex therapy and pelvic floor physical therapy will also be showcased. In addition, they have prominent and respected physicians and specialists throughout the Austin area who will give their views on important men's health topics such as orthopedics, cardiology, endocrinology, internal medicine and general wellness.

Recent Episodes

Increased PSA and Low Free-PSA: When To Worry About Prostate Cancer Risk?September 26, 2020 Episode artwork Dr. Mistry and Donna Lee Answer a Listener's Question: When Should I Start Seeing a Urologist? September 26, 2020 Episode artwork The Life You Choose: Author Anthony Blankenship Talks Personal ResponsibilitySeptember 26, 2020 Episode artwork Author Anthony Blankenship on Breaking the Cycle of Dysfunctional Families September 26, 2020 Episode artwork Discolored Semen and Sparkwave Therapy: Dr. Mistry Answers Listeners' Questions on Prostatitis and Post-Prostatectomy ED With Peyronie'sSeptember 19, 2020 Episode artwork Your Amazing Thyroid: Dr. Kerem Ozer Explains How the Thyroid Works and What Happens When It Doesn't September 19, 2020 Episode artwork Getting (Testosterone) Under Your Skin: Is Subcutaneous Hormone Therapy Right For You?September 19, 2020 Episode artwork "Suspicious" Prostate?: Dr. Mistry Explains What Your Prostate Biopsy Results MeanSeptember 19, 2020 Episode artwork The Mystery of the "Mistry Vasectomy" Revealed! September 12, 2020 Episode artwork Add Length and Girth to Your Penis With Dr. Dellinger of Elysian Plastic SurgerySeptember 12, 2020 Episode artwork Protect, Prevent, Enhance: Dr. Mistry and Shefaly Ravula, PA-C on the Importance of Nutrition Medicine September 12, 2020 Episode artwork If It Walks Like a Duck and it Quacks Like a Duck, It Might Be Testis CancerSeptember 12, 2020 Episode artwork Testosterone and Prostate Cancer: Friends or Foes? Dr. Mistry Knows! September 05, 2020 Episode artwork Sperm Return: Dr. Mistry Explains Success Rates For Vasectomy ReversalsSeptember 05, 2020 Episode artwork Increasing Your "Health Span:" Shefaly Ravula on How Everyday Nutrition and Lifestyle Factors Impact LongevitySeptember 05, 2020 Episode artwork Put a Penile Ring On It: Dr. Mistry and Donna Lee Answer a Listener Question About Penile RingsSeptember 05, 2020 Episode artwork Summer Stones: Dr. Lucas Jacomides on Kidney Stone Formation and Emergency RemovalAugust 29, 2020 Episode artwork The Mistry Vasectomy: Dr. Mistry Describes the Two Types of Vasectomies He Performs and the Vasectomy ReversalAugust 29, 2020 Episode artwork "Shrinking Penis Syndrome" and Dr. Mistry's Treatment "Cock-tail" To Restore Penile LengthAugust 29, 2020 Episode artwork BioTE Pellets and Natesto Nasal Gel: Dr. Mistry and Donna Lee On Little Known Testosterone Replacement OptionsAugust 29, 2020 Episode artwork Pelvic Pain, No Gain: Dr. Mistry Answers a Listener's Questions About Pelvic, Testicular, and Bladder PainAugust 22, 2020 Episode artwork Wrecking Ball(s): Dr. Jacomides On the Causes Of and Treatments For Testicular PainAugust 22, 2020 Episode artwork "Polite Penile Pulsing": Why "Shockwave Therapy" for ED Isn't Scary At AllAugust 22, 2020 Episode artwork Low T, High P.C.: Dr. Mistry Explains the Link Between Low Testosterone and Prostate CancerAugust 22, 2020 Episode artwork Side Effects That Go With Sex: Dr. Mistry and Donna Lee Discuss the Most Common Side Effects of ED DrugsAugust 15, 2020 Episode artwork