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Solo Cleaning School

Ken Carfagno

Solo Cleaning School is a hands-on, strategic journey to owning a profitable solo house cleaning business. Ken Carfagno is an expert on the topic and has personally run a solo cleaning business for 14 years. He is the architect of the ISO Model and has used it to build and optimize his own solo cleaning company to over $50,000 profit on only 2 cleaning days per week. In a world where everyone wants to scale, Ken chose to keep his cleaning business small and highly efficient so he could maximize his income and time with his family. Ken sold this company for close to six figures in 2018, so his family could fulfill a dream to return to their hometown. Ken shares business owner mindset, strategy, helpful interviews with established solo cleaners, funny cleaning stories, and updates from his own solo cleaning business in the Philly Area on this podcast! If you're new to this podcast and considering your own solo cleaning business, start from the introduction episode and go on an audio journey with Ken!

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