Solo Cleaning School

I Try to Do the Best with Marcia Davidson

November 21, 2019 Episode 12
Solo Cleaning School
I Try to Do the Best with Marcia Davidson
Solo Cleaning School
I Try to Do the Best with Marcia Davidson
Nov 21, 2019 Episode 12
Ken Carfagno
My first solo cleaning consultation with Marcy was 2 years ago. She has been scraping and clawing her way as a single mom, trying to make this cleaning dream work. In this interview, you will hear what happens when persistent people are rewarded.
Show Notes

Two years ago, my friend in the cleaning coaching world, Debbie Sardone, referred Marcia Davidson to me. Marcia was not ready to scale her business and needed my help in making her solo company extremely profitable. Marcia struggled as a single mom for the entire time, trying to hold onto $15/hour temp jobs to pay the bills. She desperately wanted to grow her solo cleaning business, but circumstances held her back. In this interview, you will see how Marcia turned the corner this past summer and has a totally booked calendar.

The biggest takeaway from this episode is Marcia's mindset of always giving the best. The majority of her recent new client surge had experienced sub-standard cleaning. Then they gave Marcia a try and she gave them deep cleans every time. Marcia elevated her quality to stand out and as she says, "They got hooked."


  • Debbie Sardone is highly successful cleaning business owner and founder of the wildly popular Cleaning Business Fundamentals course, which gives cleaning service owners the blueprint, materials, and coaching to get over 7-figures If you're a solo cleaner that would like to transition to employees, I recommend a free consultation with Debbie.
  • Homestars is the Canadian version of the US-based HomeAdvisor for lead generation.
  • Business Calendar 2 is the automation tool we use to streamline our various Google calendars and task lists.


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