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Food for one, food for all With Rachel Sumekh

March 23, 2020 Rachel Sumkeh Season 1 Episode 1
Health Bite
Food for one, food for all With Rachel Sumekh
Show Notes

Food is everything! Not only for the way it nourishes our bodies, but also the ways that it connects us to one another and brings us together. In today’s episode, we are proud to have Rachel Sumkeh, an amazing philanthropist with incredible vision. Rachel is the CEO and Founder  Swipe Out Hunger, a nonprofit organization that’s helping feed college students all over the US. Swipe Out Hunger is in over 90 universities and has served over 1.7 million meals.


  • Food allows us to communicate who we are and how we see ourselves
  • How is food a vehicle to connect with others
  • If you see yourself powerful, it doesn’t matter how anyone else sees you
  • Why is the dinner table so important for our education
  • Why does food improve every area of our lives
  • It's a journey. It takes time and above all, it takes resilience

To learn more about Rachel’s work visit her website and follow her on social media.

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