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Tipping the Scale to Lose 200 Pounds with Justin Weber

April 23, 2020 Justin Weber Season 1 Episode 4
Health Bite
Tipping the Scale to Lose 200 Pounds with Justin Weber
Show Notes

Sometimes small actions can turn into big changes. All you have to do is decide to start. In today’s episode, we have Justin Weber, who weighed almost 400 pounds when his son was born and decided to make some lifestyle changes to get healthy. He is an example of what love and compromise can accomplish. Justin is the founder of Crow Moon Kitchen, where he provides a creative and holistic approach to cooking that empowers others to establish for themselves a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 


  • The first step before making a change is being honest with yourself about what needs to be adjusted.
  • How to find your own motivation and how to set your own goals.
  • How to avoid stressing yourself while reaching your goals.
  • What can you do when you are feeling discouraged. 
  • How to take charge of your bad habits and start changing them.
  • Embracing self-love and self-compassion during struggling times.

To learn more about Justin’s story you can check out his website and follow him on Instagram

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