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Love And Ice-Cream with Maya Warren

September 28, 2020 Maya Warren Season 1 Episode 13
Health Bite
Love And Ice-Cream with Maya Warren
Show Notes

Did someone say eating ice-cream for a living? Where do I sign! Today’s guest, Maya Warren, is a food scientist who just stood up and went after her true love. Dr. Maya specializes in frozen desserts and travels all around the world to create new flavors. Besides, she also focuses on the ritual and the study of the behavioral roots. So basically tasting the yummiest things while travelling internationally? Let’s hear more about this dreamy job!


  • The first steps to work doing what you love. From college experiences to the present, Maya tells us the importance of building your business around your passions
  • Actionable tips to balance yourself mentally and physically. The challenge of being out of your mind and the exercise that it takes to remain connected to your body 
  • The power of eating ice-cream as a mindfulness process. Maya shares her ritual behind tasting ice cream for the first time in every new country
  • Why inspiring other people to chase their goals became a new encouragement to her own career
  • A match made in heaven. What makes you want to always repeat ice-cream? The effect of the nostalgia built across our memories 

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