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Intuitive Cooking and Eating with Claire Matern

June 06, 2022 Claire Matern Season 1 Episode 19
Health Bite
Intuitive Cooking and Eating with Claire Matern
Show Notes

Usually we eat without being present or enjoying it because we are doing something else. Today’s guest, Claire Matern, will teach the importance of having a mindful experience with food. She is a leader in intuitive cooking, and her mission is to empower and encourage people to cook by sense and instinct, adding common sense to the kitchen. Growing up in the food industry as a daughter of a chef gave her all the experience she could need to become a culinary expert. Intuitive cooking is all about listening to the body and understanding what you like to make each cooking process a celebration.


  • Claire explains the concept of intuitive eating and intuitive cooking, a sensory experience that demands listening to your body.
  • She says that it is essential to distinguish hunger from boredom.
  • She talks about the importance of enjoying and being in the present when eating. 
  • Steps to start cooking: taste, try, smell, and get to know what you like. 
  • She discusses her relationship with recipes and why she believes they should just be idea collectors.

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