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Running a Marathon for a Better You, with Dr. Michelle Quirk

January 18, 2021 Dr. Michelle Quirk Season 1 Episode 25
Health Bite
Running a Marathon for a Better You, with Dr. Michelle Quirk
Show Notes

After this episode, you'll want to grab your sneakers and start running! Dr. Quirk is a mindful pediatrician and marathon trainer who has brought mindfulness and running to her practice. Her passion is helping busy professionals exercise and lead their lives. Michelle was not always a runner, she started and dropped out several times because she thought she was not good at it, and she did not do it for a long time. After her residency, she was going through a difficult time in her life, so she decided to push herself to channel all of her suffering and stress through her career. She decided to run a local 5K, gradually increased the running distance, and realized that she could clear all her thoughts. Those first ten minutes turn into 30, those 30 into marathons, and now she's been a runner for eight years! She started Mindful Marathon to help others improve their lives by embracing running and exercise. Celebrating our current fitness level, wherever it is, and a strong belief in the idea that all runners start from somewhere, even if that place is mile 0, is her motto!


  • Dr. Quirk tells how she discovered running in her 30s and what it was like not to have been a runner and then to have run marathons.
  • Michelle tells us how to set your goals to become an amazing runner.
  • She explains why it is useful to have a running coach even if you are not a professional runner.
  • She speaks about the importance of finding your ‘Why’ and having a mantra that works for you.
  • Michelle talks about childhood sedentary lifestyle during the pandemic.
  • She gives advice for running beginners. Get a good pair of sneakers and go!

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