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Finding Balance and Optimizing Sleep with Dr. Nishi Bhopal

June 14, 2022 Dr. Nishi Bhopal Season 1 Episode 26
Health Bite
Finding Balance and Optimizing Sleep with Dr. Nishi Bhopal
Show Notes

Dr. Nishi Bhopal is an integrative psychiatrist, sleep specialist, and founder of IntraBalance, an online educational program that focuses on sleep and mental wellness. As a resident, she experienced the importance of sleep affecting work and life performance. She is triple board-certified and has advanced training in Integrative Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine. Dr. Bhopal also incorporates elements of mindset coaching, yoga and meditation, and Ayurveda into her treatment approach. Her goal is to help patients find balance and optimize sleep without sacrificing health and relationships, so that each one can develop the best version of themselves, because everyone deserves to know how to sleep well.


  • Dr. Bhopal talks about the different stages of sleep; REM, deep sleep, stage two and stage one.
  • She explains the importance of REM sleep for learning, memory consolidation, creativity, and problem solving.
  • She says how much sleep is enough and how it varies between people; distinguishing between short and long sleepers.
  • Dr. Bhopal says that caffeine and alcohol are not recommended for good quality sleep; caffeine blocks adenosine, and alcohol causes sleep disruption.
  • Sleep Aids and why behavioral measures are better to manage insomnia.
  • Components of Behavioural Cognitive Therapy for insomnia; Hygiene Sleep and Sleep Restriction.
  • She talks about the benefits of short naps; 15/20 minute restorative naps.

To learn more about Dr. Nishi Bhopal, check out her website, or check out her Sleep Program.

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