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Be Sexy Eat Plants

Kristel de Groot and Michael Kuech

Your Super co-founders Michael and Kristel are on a mission! They are part of a plant-based movement that’s changing the world one person at a time. Join them as they deep-dive with vegan celebrities, athletes, changemakers, thought leaders and industry pioneers. Receiving exclusive insights from these #plantlebrities, will inspire you to live #YOURSUPER life!
Dispelling Health Myths with Sharon Palmer | The Truth of Plant Based EatingFebruary 22, 2022 Episode artwork The 3 Your Super Pillars of Healthy Eating | Principles We Follow in Plant Based EatingFebruary 15, 2022 Episode artwork The Power of a Plant-Based Diet | Dr. Gemma NewmanFebruary 08, 2022 Episode artwork The Vegan Lifestyle with Best-Selling Musician Bryan Adams | A Better Standard of LivingFebruary 01, 2022 Episode artwork Maintaining a Healthy Weight Without Restrction | Kristel de GrootJanuary 25, 2022 Episode artwork Kristel & Michael - End of Year Highlights | Your Super Business UpdateJanuary 18, 2022 Episode artwork One Animal at a Time with Kathy Freston | Plant versus Animal Based FoodsJanuary 11, 2022 Episode artwork Moon Days: A Period Policy Every Employer Should Consider | Kristel De GrootDecember 21, 2021 Episode artwork Julieanna Hever, The Plant Based Dietitian | How to Lose Weight on a Plant Based DietDecember 14, 2021 Episode artwork Plant Based and Strong with Robert Cheeke | The Vegan BodybuilderDecember 07, 2021 Episode artwork Be Well and Self-Aware with Yoga Expert Tara StilesNovember 30, 2021 Episode artwork The Happy Pear with Dave and Steve | Pioneers in the Plant Based WorldNovember 23, 2021 Episode artwork The Power of Plant-Based Eating with Dr. JudyNovember 16, 2021 Episode artwork Beating Cancer with Chris Wark | How Diet and Mindset Can Alter Your Path to HealthNovember 09, 2021 Episode artwork How to Sleep Better (Starting Tonight)November 02, 2021 Episode artwork From Frosted Flakes to plant-based (a how-to guide) | Talking nutrition with dietician Catherine PerezOctober 26, 2021 Episode artwork Improving Your Mental Health (and Mood) with FOOD with Dr. Uma Naidoo | Mental Health and NutritionOctober 19, 2021 Episode artwork The TRUTH about lab-grown meat (and MORE)October 12, 2021 Episode artwork Colonics, Enemas, Implants (oh my!)October 05, 2021 Episode artwork Alex & Whitney on Raising a Healthy Family | Plant-Based Diet During Pregnancy & for KidsSeptember 28, 2021 Episode artwork Spectacular Superfoods | How Specific Plants Can Transform Your HealthSeptember 20, 2021 Episode artwork The Power of the Mind with Kelly Gores | Healing with Mental PowerSeptember 14, 2021 Episode artwork Dr. Brian Clement from the Hippocrates Institute | Healing and Health Through A Plant-Based DietSeptember 07, 2021 Episode artwork Staying Calm During Uncertain Times | with Kristel and Michael August 31, 2021 Episode artwork Fact Based Nutrition with Michael Greger | What Science Says About DietingAugust 24, 2021 Episode artwork