Red Truck Marriage

Power and Control in Marriage

August 02, 2023 Dr. David & Mrs. Stuart Anderson Season 4 Episode 68
Red Truck Marriage
Power and Control in Marriage
Show Notes

Welcome to our 5th of 6 episodes discussing what we believe are the Top 6 Topics Couples Argue About in Marriage. Today we discuss the issue of Power and Control in Marriage.

**We want to be clear that this episode is not about physical, verbal, or emotional abuse. If physical, verbal, or emotional abuse occurs in your marriage, we want you to take action by getting help. Reach out to us at or click the help link below. It is never okay to be physically or emotionally abused by your spouse.**

In today's episode, we discuss how an unequal distribution of power and control in marriage can destroy true intimacy and what couples can do about it. We also discuss how misguided rules can distract from our Creator's call to "Clothe ourselves with a LOVE that binds us together."

We believe this episode will help you navigate in such a way that your "voice" is heard and respected by each other, even when there are different points of view!

So let's get started!

But first, as discussed on the podcast...

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