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Red Truck Marriage

Dr. David & Mrs. Stuart Anderson

Are you one of the many couples who began your relationship in what we call the "high octane" or honeymoon stage, only to now wonder, “where did all that love and connection go?” Perhaps at times you experience misunderstanding, indifference, disconnect, resentment, and a lack of romance. If this is part of your current story, the Red Truck Marriage Podcast will help. Hosted by speaker and marriage counselor, David Anderson, Ph.D., and his wife, Stuart Anderson, M.S., speaker and author, the Red Truck Marriage Podcast will bring you practical tools in an authentic and inspirational way to help you become the heroes of your marriage story. You will also hear conversations with other experts and thought leaders in the fields of relationship building, parenting, personality assessment, financial planning, and spiritual growth. Last but not least, you will get to know real couples who share their struggles and successes as they create “God’s Best” in marriage, a marriage based on Grace, Truth, and Compassion.
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