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Cynthia Overgard & Trisha Ludwig

Amid all the information - and misinformation - around pregnancy and childbirth, how can you know you’re making the safest, smartest decisions for yourself and your family? You may even feel you don’t have a voice with your OB or midwife, or you’re not sure what to ask. Tune in each Wednesday with HypnoBirthing expert Cynthia Overgard, who has educated thousands of expecting couples in the NY Metro area since 2007, and Yale-educated Certified Nurse Midwife, Trisha Ludwig. No matter how you plan to birth, Cynthia and Trisha will equip you with evidence-based research and the tools to set into motion a healthier and more satisfying birth and postpartum. They’ll also take your questions and stories (call them at 802-438-3696), bring in subject matter experts, and best of all, connect you to personal stories of real parents. Be prepared to become wildly educated and have a great time in the process.

Recent Episodes

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