Nids Nidra

Metta Compassion Yoga Nidra

November 19, 2020 Nids Nidra Episode 38
Nids Nidra
Metta Compassion Yoga Nidra
Show Notes

This yoga nidra is a blend of two Buddhist loving-kindness practices - Metta meditation is where we wish others good, and Tonglen is when we give and receive compassion.  This practice blends both. 

To bring a deeper connection to compassion there is also a heart-light breath and the opposite sensations of kindness and meanness. 

These practices have scientific evidence for their effectiveness on:

  • Improved self-compassion
  • A deeper sense of calm and reduced stress
  • More nurturing relationships
  • Reduced physical pain
  • An enhanced connection to others, nature and life

A longer version is available for those ready to send love to a challenging person and themself. Please contact me 

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