Nids Nidra

Deep Healing Yoga Nidra

January 21, 2021 Episode 42
Nids Nidra
Deep Healing Yoga Nidra
Show Notes

Deep healing is the shift of our inner paradigm. To shift the inner paradigm we must discover new ways to experience the soma - our sensations and how they interconnect. This yoga nidra explores textures, different scales of sensory input and meets the universal consciousness always available for support. It will support:

  • A deeper connection to all life 
  • Cultivate or clarify a sense of purpose
  • Feelings of support and trust in synchronicities
  • An easier ability to move through experiences and sensations as shifting
  • The vision of life that is meaningful and beautiful

Warning: This practice includes the opposite sensations work of pain and pleasure. Practice a Safe Space meditation before trying these strong senses. 

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