Nids Nidra

Mind Movie Yoga Nidra

February 19, 2021 Nids Nidra Episode 43
Nids Nidra
Mind Movie Yoga Nidra
Show Notes

It's likely that you know the teaching that our world and experience of life is merely the reflection of our minds. 

What you put in, is what it becomes - what movies are you watching? What media do you digest? What conversations do you have? 

Witness the mind like a movie and then make your own version of events. 
Heal the past, change your future. 

This practice can support:

  • Awareness of thoughts, inner stories and escapes of the mind.
  • Forgive, let go and release the past from running your future dreams.
  • Discovery of how you choose outcomes to make you feel your best.
  • Choose to recreate your past from a loving space. 
  • A conscious re-creation of life events that supports you.

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