A Joy To Be Me

When your blood pressure is low, so are you!

March 05, 2022 Lydia Joy Episode 108
A Joy To Be Me
When your blood pressure is low, so are you!
Show Notes

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I had a couple clients bring this up this week: anything in 3s I know I need to do a podcast -so here it is. 

First person was someone who has been burning the candle at both ends since forever and just started back up training for the most intense race of her life. She was puzzled by why she couldn’t do it like she could before one day when she had shortness of breath and dizziness. I asked her to get her blood  pressure checked ASAP because off hand she did not know what it was or the last time it was checked. 

Here’s why it’s an important marker for health, especially when it’s low NAMELY because we never hear anything about what to do if it’s low or what it means if it’s low but rather are just ushered along; after hearing ‘your BP is nice and low’ 

They don’t have a medication for that (yet) so it’s clearly nothing to be concerned about…

It's not helpful to be told that a low BP is a good thing - if you get light headed when you go from sitting to standing quickly -you'll agree, it's disturbing and if left unaddressed could lead to worse dizziness. ⁣

Tune in to get your learn on about this so you can be better equipped to make adjustments to your life!

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