A Joy To Be Me

You are the placebo

March 18, 2022 Lydia Joy Episode 111
A Joy To Be Me
You are the placebo
Show Notes

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Your biology is changed by your own energy 
Your energy is what affects matter 
When you change your energy you change your body 

Between one-third and two-thirds of all healing is down to the placebo effect, not therapies, drugs or surgery? The placebo is just a sugar-pill where the patient is healed by the belief they’ll get better: positive thinking.

Now the nocebo effect is equally powerful, caused by negative thoughts. The belief you have a terminal illness can actually cause you to die, and negative thinking is much more common in our current world.

You are either the placebo or the nocebo. 

In this episode; I'm sharing a powerful message and a client transformation just in time for you to consider what you may need to let go of this full moon. 

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