A Joy To Be Me

Detoxing Your Conditioning: Show the mess!

March 25, 2022 Lydia Joy Episode 112
A Joy To Be Me
Detoxing Your Conditioning: Show the mess!
Show Notes

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In today's episode, I wanted to share something that came up for me in my journaling recently. I was listening to a podcast by Rainer Wylde; I can't recall which one.

However, It nudged me to recall a part of my past as he stated; " I am not a proponent for staying at all costs. You have to have 2 people fully committed to growth." When talking about relationships/partnerships/marriage.

He also encouraged people to 'show the mess'. The truth is that message had already been coming through over and over and over.

At first, I was like; "I thought I already was showing the mess? I'm pretty open already."

Then it hit me; there is more I can share that I haven't yet shared and in so doing, perhaps it will liberate others. I know when I hear others have struggles that I think are unique to only me, it gives me a bit of alleviation. Not because they are struggling but because I assigned too much meaning to my struggle as if I was alone and a big fat effing failure of a human. 

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