A Joy To Be Me

Medical Gaslighting

April 05, 2022 Lydia Joy Episode 117
A Joy To Be Me
Medical Gaslighting
Show Notes

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In this episode, I tackle the subject of medical gaslighting. It needs to be spoken about and seen for what it is so we can take our power back.

This is a little bit of a heavy topic BUT a necessary one to tackle so we can break free and move towards freedom of choice out of a very corrupt and broken system.

As with common gaslighting, it causes the individual to doubt their own experiences. Medical gaslighting occurs far too often

Medical gaslighting is a real thing. It can be terrifying or traumatic  to be dismissed or told you are fine when you feel like your body and mind are falling apart.

Tune in to shine the light on this so you can address it head on and avoid it altogether. 

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