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Rewilding vs Biohacking [ voltage from nature comes first ]

May 16, 2022 Lydia Joy Episode 124
A Joy To Be Me
Rewilding vs Biohacking [ voltage from nature comes first ]
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In this episode, I share a little recap  of my weekend foraging and full moon gathering adventures. We walked a labyrinth which is for brain balancing and had a mini tuning session before we entered. I also learned why you don't want to sleep with your head facing north. 

Just a year ago I was not connected to a supportive tribe - I think many of us can relate to how these past couple years have shaken up our lives in many ways : finding our true tribe one of such ways. I’m so grateful because I set an intention after my podcast with Tommy John to find my soul tribe and here I am a year later enjoying the reality of that intention. 
Now that the weather is glorious here in the northeast we can really power up from nature - and I want to talk briefly about how we work within nature first then you can hack your health accordingly. 
 I’m running into a lot of people in an awful hurry to heal and almost ‘force’ it by throwing EVERYTHING at themselves but to be completely honest this is still a disconnected approach. Trying to fill gaps by taking 40 supplements and then find everything that is possibly wrong so you can find another supplement or test to fix it, is still an allopathic mindset that we GET to shift. 
Links/resources that were mentioned in the episode if you want to dig further: 

  • Tommy John episode -how to be sovereign and free : HERE 
  • Your body is at its best when powered up from source (nature): HERE 
  • Healing is voltage by Jerry Tenant (book I mentioned)
  • Learn more about my REMINERALIZE program  : HERE 

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