A Joy To Be Me

You are valid & you can have what you want

June 17, 2020 Lydia Joy
A Joy To Be Me
You are valid & you can have what you want
Show Notes

In this podcast episode, I have a powerful conversation with my good friend David Hayward aka The Naked Pastor.

In this episode we talk about how:

You are completely okay as you are,.
You are VALID.
You are a creative wonderful thoughtful beautiful person just as you are.
There is nothing you have to be, except who you are.
If you can get to that place of self-trust where you can just embrace yourself and love yourself, that's when things start happening!

Decondition to recondition and just be the you that allows yourself to go for what you want in life!

David is a graffiti artist on the walls of religion whose cartoons and art have been such a powerful catalyst to help people who feel like outcasts get liberated and set free so they can live more as their true full self.

In this episode I highlighted on of my personal favorites of David's art and work: The Sophia series. Find that HERE.

You can find David @ NakedPastor.com
And to see his daily cartoons and art be sure to follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

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