A Joy To Be Me

How to get magnesium right from the start

September 08, 2020 Lydia Joy Episode 26
A Joy To Be Me
How to get magnesium right from the start
Show Notes

In this episode, I'm highlighting Magnesium. I could say it's my favorite mineral. It's the mineral that brought me back to life as well as to this amazing work I get to do. It's truly magical to me.

It's power is profound and deep. It's not just something to dabble with. If you want the fullest effect of this magical mineral, you have to dive deep.

If you don’t get magnesium right you get a lot of other things wrong, so let’s get it right from the start. 

Remineralizing your body is a marathon, not a sprint.

Tune into to learn my frame that will allow you to more fully and deeply benefit from not just magnesium, but all minerals.

Read the blog post HERE. 

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