A Joy To Be Me

Choose to be happy

October 23, 2020 Lydia Joy Episode 33
A Joy To Be Me
Choose to be happy
Show Notes

In the episode, I chat with Marie Houlden author of her new book; I Choose To Be Happy. 

Marie is an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner who helps women who want more in life and aren't sure how to have it. 

Lots of people are struggling right now and need help, in this episode we talk about emotional healing and learning how to recover from that. Ultimately it's a choice but there can be a lot in the way before we feel able to choose to be happy. 

Patterns we all feel include negative mindsets, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, fear, procrastination -we struggle to receive. We all experience these same things. 

It's helpful to see what of these things is in our way, in Marie's book she gives exercises for you to take inventory on where your life is right now and focus on who you are and who you want to be. 

Duty is not everything, you really can live for your dreams! 

Before you can get to happy, sometimes you have to SEE what is standing in your way. 

Quick fixes don't work when you want true transformation. True transformation relies on your brain set so you can create brain based habits. Every day you have a choice and can reset and take actions towards who you want to be because you are choosing to BE her day in and day out. 

A lot of our beliefs were formed in the first years of our lives (6-7), so we learned when we were young how to be. It's important to recognize that so we can just retrain our brain and create new neural pathways which will then help us change our behaviors. 

The power of self-awareness is so key, it helps you face yourself and be honest so you can make shifts. No more avoiding and numbing. Choose something different. Eventually, you get so quick at shifting but you have to practice. 

So much gold in this episode, give it a listen! 

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