A Joy To Be Me

How I got started with HTMA in my Nutrition Practice

February 04, 2021 Lydia Joy Episode 45
A Joy To Be Me
How I got started with HTMA in my Nutrition Practice
Show Notes

In this episode; I share a bit of my story about how I got started using hair tissue mineral analysis in my virtual based nutrition practice.

I had a DEEP desire to learn more and my top desire was to get my own hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) done after reading some amazing things about this test. Not to mention, my intuition told me minerals were going to be a key player in my own healing as well as for others.

The problem was,  I had an avoidant relationship with giving myself what I needed.
I procrastinated, pushed it away and always said to myself "someday I will get to it.”

Thankfully, the desire kept on calling out to me. It became urgent when I had a couple clients I no longer knew how to help. As well as when my own health took a plummet and my youngest son had the biggest emotional public meltdown in school (every single day for weeks).

I found myself in a tough spot. Struggling to fully know how to help my clients. My own health making it incredibly challenging to manage my life. Not to mention, I struggled with imposter syndrome. On top of that, my sweet little boy’s health was in crisis.

I knew I needed not only more tools and insight, but I needed support with a mentor.

So, I finally bit the bullet, honored my intuition and began mentoring under a colleague to learn mineral balancing with HTMA.

It was full on throw myself into the deep end immersion style learning. I began by testing my whole family and 10 of my clients at the time.

Everyone was blown away by what the test showed and began to get results for their health we could not figure out prior. My practice started to pick up as I began to share my new services and I learned a lot by DOING the work. 

I kept offering my new services to the public, networking and things blew up. I ended up experiencing massive momentum. I didn't shrink back even though I was still learning all the ins and outs of mineral balancing. My experience taught me so much more than had I sat on the sidelines continuing to do research. 

If you are a holistic practitioner interested in getting started with hair tissue mineral analysis in your practice you can learn more about my HTMA Practitioner Jumpstart program HERE: https://lydiajoy.mykajabi.com/HTMA-Practitioner-Jumpstart

Read the blog version of this podcast episode here: https://lydiajoy.mykajabi.com/blog/how-I-got-started-with-HTMA-in-my-practice