A Joy To Be Me

Why Winter Is The Best Time To Slow Down

February 08, 2021 Lydia Joy Episode 46
A Joy To Be Me
Why Winter Is The Best Time To Slow Down
Show Notes

In this episode; I decided to record an old blog post about SLOWING DOWN, and why winter shows us this concept, not to mention that it's a good time to do just that.

You have to recharge your energy before the next challenge begins, so you are refreshed. Even if you feel super driven or motivated, you can’t always be in production mode. It’s so important to take time out from the busyness of life to restore your energy. This is the only way you can really heal your body and mind.

You see, constant stress and tension will break even the MOST RESILIENT people. I believe I am resilient, but let me tell you, life took me down hard many times and showed me how to REST on purpose.

I’ve built a routine where I allow plenty of downtime in my schedule so I can refresh my energy and keep going. It really helps me to stay focused as well as be well equipped to handle any challenges that come my way.

When I was at my worst, totally exhausted even the most basic daily tasks felt like I had to climb a mountain. Imagine how crushing to the spirit that is when you can barely drag yourself out of bed to get your kids their breakfast and sent off to school.

It took a long time to recover from my traumatic split and I know you too will experience challenges in your life such as; trauma, break-ups, relationship or family problems, financial and health worries, stress or conflict. It's part of our human experience and we can learn to be prepared as best as we can. While also knowing it's normal to go through challenges, so we don't beat ourselves up when they happen.

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