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Health Freedom

September 05, 2021 Lydia Joy Episode 73
A Joy To Be Me
Health Freedom
Show Notes

In this episode I'm sharing a brand new endeavor I am embarking upon. I just volunteered to lead the PA chapter of the Health Freedom for Humanity organization. 

Back in April, I had Tommy John on the podcast and he shared about this organization at the end of the episode. You can learn more about it here: https://healthfreedomforhumanity.org

To me, health freedom means CHOICE. It means honoring nature. It means not being coerced into a one size fits all model. It means honoring our intuition and trusting our bodies healing potential. It does not mean we cower and choose what we are being 'forced to accept'. 

It means we know that we have a choice and will not be bullied to comply to a path that we know intuitively and firmly is not right for us. 

Here is what the Health Freedom for Humanity Organization stands for: 

Health Freedom for Humanity (HFFH) is a community of advocates, parents, teachers, actors,  veterans, doctors, lawyers, and friends, who stand to ensure Health Freedom for all people. We  come from every religion, political affiliation, socioeconomic background, race, and philosophy  on personal health but are united in our belief that mandated medical procedures of any kind,  medical coercion, or any restrictions on health choice violate basic human rights. 

We believe that health freedom exists outside of any of the number of divisions amongst  society, and that health freedom is purely a human rights issue. All are welcome. Health freedom is for everyone. We ask that  all members of our organization stand firm in their right to choose what is best for their own  health, but always do so from a position of love and respect for those with opposing views.  

If you live in Pennsylvania and would like to be a part of our Health Freedom chapter, feel free to email me: lydiajoyme@gmail.com or lydiajoyme@protonmail.com