A Joy To Be Me

Ditch the Diet Dogma

October 16, 2021 Lydia Joy Episode 81
A Joy To Be Me
Ditch the Diet Dogma
Show Notes

In this episode I'm share why I’m so tired of all the over analyzing about what foods humans should or shouldn’t eat and people talking about this diet or that diet for this dis-ease state/ label or that. 

There is no single diet created by a human- that will ever work long term for anyone or anything. I don’t even care how much ‘scientific literature’ there is behind a given diet- there is no scientific literature out there that has the ability to observe all humans over the span of a lifetime. 

What I can say is, quality matters and to the degree it is possible I encourage sourcing quality outside of the modern slave system that has been created to mass produce cheaply for a profit with zero intention of benefiting the consumer’s health. 

That said - if you study ancestral health and the foods of your ancestors you will learn that humans have always had to adapt to a variety of factors - depending on the region and climate that would. 

Everyone’s body is different and there may be some healing to do to tolerate certain factors in given foods. 

The big problem is not the original source of the food but the altered version in your altered state.

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