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Could you be hypoglycemic without even knowing it?

December 07, 2021 Lydia Joy Episode 92
A Joy To Be Me
Could you be hypoglycemic without even knowing it?
Show Notes

Every hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) I review I see some sort of blood sugar imbalance, usually hypoglycemia, and the person doesn't even realize it's occuring. 

Basically hypoglycemia is an early stage of diabetes but it’s often ignored in the medical world and so it can progress before you even realize it into diabetes.

Remineralizing in the body helps with our ability to improve glucose metabolism at a very deep level this also gives a level of food diversity back to the person so a high protein or restrictive low carb diet is not necessary.

Restoring glucose and carbohydrate metabolism is really about restoring the bodies energy system. It’s kind of like if the fuel system in the car wasn’t working right you wouldn’t get enough power to run the car. The same is true in the human body.

Restoring the bodies overall energy system helps because energy is needed for all body functions ranging from your immune system to your glandular and digestive systems. Energy is needed for all the activities you do including thinking and moving your body. So when your energy system improves every aspect of life improves as well.

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