A Joy To Be Me

How minerals help you cope

December 09, 2021 Lydia Joy Episode 93
A Joy To Be Me
How minerals help you cope
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How do you cope? I know it's not something we all feel comfortable talking about, but I believe it's an important conversation worth having. To cope better in life, you can't ignore your challenges you have to face them. But sometimes you may need a little understanding and support.

I truly believe you and I are designed to feel an immense sense of well being & peace, and live within a calm mind.

Yet the majority of people today battle with mood swings, anxiety, cravings, depression and more. 1 in 8 Americans take an anti-depressant, about of quarter of which state they've been on long term.

One thing to address is that we literally lack the nutrients we need to nourish our brains – our brains need very specific nutrients that typically are not found in the Standard American Diet.

Today, I want to talk about how missing minerals can impact your mood, but when you add them in you will have better coping abilities.

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