Modern Mindfulness Podcast

Ep. 49 : Why Communication is Everything with Amy Wong

December 22, 2022 Rebekka Mars Season 3 Episode 49
Modern Mindfulness Podcast
Ep. 49 : Why Communication is Everything with Amy Wong
Show Notes

How's your communication?  All of it - with your friends and family, with strangers, and definitely, with yourSelf?  Including in written form with emails, texts, and even emoji-usage?

Would you believe that there's a whole form of intelligence around just that -- conversational intelligence? 

So how do you know if your communication is "working"?  And why does any of it matter?

Today we have Amy Wong, founder of Always On Purpose®, executive leadership coach, author and facilitator who has,  for more than twenty years, devoted herself to the study and practice of transformation.

This conversation flows through so many valuable topics including communication tips but also around the specific influences of ancient mindfulness wisdom and practices on our times {and Amy and Rebekka's similar childhood experiences!}.

-why communication is everything
- a distinct superpower we each hold
- how to listen to understand
- how mindfulness IS at the core of it all .
.. and more...

About our guest, Amy Wong:
>> As a certified executive coach with expertise in transpersonal psychology, design thinking, interpersonal neurobiology, and Conversational Intelligence®, Amy has provided thousands of transformative experiences for individuals, executives, and teams.  She's worked with organizations such as Salesforce, Roku, LinkedIn, and more through which she's been able to work towards her mission  to raise the consciousness of the planet and help others get off the proverbial ‘‘hamster wheel”, achieve peace of mind, and live with true intention.

>> Be sure to check out Amy's debut book, 'Living on Purpose', which shows readers how to feel more connected to the people around them and be truly satisfied by the life they’re leading.

>> Her website and find Amy on LinkedIn

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