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MicroGreens "The Interview"

January 12, 2023 Rachel Haber Season 4 Episode 3
Your Midwest Garden Podcast
MicroGreens "The Interview"
Show Notes

After our trial run, planting, growing and harvesting... we finally talk with the founder/owner of Knowing Nature. The Interview, as I call it is here for all.

If you listened to the two previous "surprise" mid-winter episodes, you know Rachel sent us a micro greens kit to try. And we did, with much success! In fact, I have another batch of seeds growing. Eating healthy in Winter can be tough, but micro greens gives you that extra boost, especially those of you doing that New Years dieting.

Join us for the final of three episodes and tell a friend!

KnowingNature helps you grow healthy microgreens at home, no matter where you live. Our planters are designed specifically to grow microgreens indoors without racks, grow lights or artificial pods and matts. We believe that real gardening experiences feed your stomach and your soul.

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