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Miniature Gardening

April 26, 2023 Mark Season 4 Episode 10
Your Midwest Garden Podcast
Miniature Gardening
Show Notes

Mike & Scott hit the road again... this time to the shores of Lake Erie where we meet Mark from Mulberry Miniatures. Mark has the touch and experience, for miniature plants in all kinds of scenarios. Fairy Gardens, Indoor or Outdoor train layouts, or just a beautiful tiny display for a apartment. Here you will find the largest collection of scale-size plants.
So stop in, or check your local garden center for Mulberry Miniatures... as Mark says, if we don't carry it, you probably don't want it anyways!

So get your headphones, pencil, some paper and listen in as we talk about the world of miniature plants. Places to use miniatures, watering, pruning and more.

Mulberry Miniatures, your one-stop shop to help you be successful with this fun, magical miniature gardening hobby.

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