Your Midwest Garden Podcast

Orchid Show - The Toledo Zoo

February 15, 2023 Dr. Ryan Walsh Season 4 Episode 4
Your Midwest Garden Podcast
Orchid Show - The Toledo Zoo
Show Notes

YMGP is ON THE ROAD... it's been a bit since we left the studio, but here we go!
Today, we meet up with Dr. Ryan Walsh at The Toledo Zoo. We are surrounded by all the Orchids here for the 2023 Orchid Show. Going on now, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays through Feb. 26th. Viewing, workshops and then finally the plant sale all in one place and let's not forget to visit the Polar Bears. Or Mike's favorites, the monkeys...

Not close to Toledo? No problem there are a number of Orchid Shows happening all around the Midwest right now! Find one near you!

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