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Plantskydd - Animal Repellent

March 29, 2023 Emily Kennedy Season 4 Episode 7
Your Midwest Garden Podcast
Plantskydd - Animal Repellent
Show Notes

The guys welcome Emily Kennedy, from Plantskydd! And no, that's not a typo... Plantskydd is Swedish, and means Plant Protection!
Scott can relate as Sandström is a Swedish surname. It derives from the Swedish words sand and ström which literally means Sandstream. Too bad it doesn't mean green thumb!
Emily is here to help us learn about protecting our plants, of all kinds, from creatures who like to dine on our gardens and landscapes. The key is repel before they have a taste test!
Join Scott and Mike "Elmer Fudd" O'Rourke as we chat about this effective product.
Plantskydd has offered our listeners a coupon code, so listen in for the code word and this single use coupon code gives you 15% off online orders until December 31st 2023

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