Your Midwest Garden Podcast

Ornamental Trees & Shrubs

April 19, 2023 Mike O'Rourke, Scott Sandstrom, John Sullivan Season 4 Episode 9
Your Midwest Garden Podcast
Ornamental Trees & Shrubs
Show Notes

Looking for a tree or shrub based not only for their beauty but also for qualities such as scent or how they shape physical space. In most cases the request is a 15 foot tree that has pretty blooms, then listen in as this show is for you!
Ornamental Trees is where it's at!
Join Mike and Scott as we welcome back Black Diamond's Johnny to the show! Since it was John's idea for the show, we made him come in and give us the goods on ornament trees. 

Black Diamond Garden Centers
Welcome Black Diamond Nursery & Lawn Service. We been a local business in Toledo for over 70 years!

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