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The Banana Trees - 365 Day Update

June 28, 2023 Mike O'Rourke, Scott Sandstrom Season 4 Episode 17
Your Midwest Garden Podcast
The Banana Trees - 365 Day Update
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Listen in to the last update show on our Musa Bajoos Banana Trees: Frank, Frank II, Lola and JD @ BD, as they faced unpredictable weather conditions and learn to thrive. All the Winter 2022/23 results,  their current growth from an April start with temperatures close to 80 degrees, to a sudden drop to 32 degrees and what we think finally killed Frank. Plus, find out how JD at BD persevered and flourished without any additional watering or nutrients, all this from in the heartland. Don't miss this fascinating tale of perseverance and plant growth!

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