Overwhelm is Optional

Episode 110: The Gentle Rebellion

March 23, 2022 Heidi Marke Season 1 Episode 110
Overwhelm is Optional
Episode 110: The Gentle Rebellion
Show Notes

The Gentle Rebellion is for the quiet rebels whose struggle to find a way to create a life they feel at home in has led to severe overwhelm - the life-crushing, energy-draining, focus-zapping overwhelm. The kind of overwhelm that keeps you trapped in the struggling rebel cycle of overwhelm, exhaustion and frustration, feeling like there’s something wrong with you, that if only you could do more and be better everything would magically fall into place and you could manage your life without anyone realising how close to breaking you feel inside.

You are not alone. 

There is nothing wrong with you.

And you may just have stumbled on exactly what you need.

Overwhelm is Optional

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