Overwhelm is Optional

Episode 114: Let's talk about selfishness

April 20, 2022 Heidi Marke Season 1 Episode 114
Overwhelm is Optional
Episode 114: Let's talk about selfishness
Show Notes

What's your thoughts on the loo roll supply crisis? (In whichever of the lockdowns it was - it's all a bit of a blur now isn't it?!)

I'm asking because I think you're the kind of person who wants the world to be kinder.

And if the world is displayed as selfish to you, you're probably going to find it even harder to put yourself first.

And that's going to prevent you from being a Gentle Rebel.

Because a Gentle Rebel commits to herself first. To living her life, her way.

And when you, you lovely person, live your life in a way that makes you happy and healthy and fun to be around, the world becomes a better place because it has you in it FULLY.

This week's episode of The Overwhelm is Optional podcast is all about the elephant in the room: SELFISHNESS!!

I use the loo roll supply crisis, slopey shoulders and missed deadlines as ways to think about selfishness, boundaries and selfcare.

The Overwhelm is Optional podcast is for you if you want to quit the struggle with overwhelm and live your life to the full. You don’t want to compromise your health and relationships in order to have well-paid, satisfying, meaningful work. You want it all - on your terms.

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